Christie’s Checks In

John Hooper — owner of Christie’s Country Store, the de facto community center on Cross Highway — reports:

I got up yesterday and wondered how I would get to the store. Irene had blocked most of the way down Congress Street and Cross Highway.

Sandy was a little kinder. At the top of the street she snapped the telephone pole workers replaced after Irene. But the rest was relatively smooth sailing.

I got there by 6:45. The generator was humming. I turned on the the ovens and coffee, and texted all my employees.

By 7:15, people started coming. Word must have gotten out because they didn’t stop.

Everyone was patient and grateful we were open. Eventually my wife and 10- year-old made it in to help. I was running from the grill to the cash register to the icebox (yes, we have ice).

At one point I looked up to see a customer and his girlfriend behind the counter making coffee. They didn’t leave their station for 2 hours!

It seemed like coffee, egg sandwiches and the cell phone charging station were the biggest hits.

Everyone was pleasant and understanding if things took a while. The last customer left about 7:30 p.m.

We are open now, with enough staff for normal breakfast and lunch. We hope to make a few dinner dishes for those who would like hot plates. We still have ice (a 2-bag limit, please). And yes, we even have a few D batteries as well.

One response to “Christie’s Checks In

  1. Beachwalker 13

    Thank you John for keeping Christies open and providing the much needed support we need in that neck of the woods. Couldnt be getting by right now without you.