When All Else Fails…

…listen to 90.3 FM for important local news during Hurricane Sandy.  (Click here for the direct link to listen live.)

It’s the Staples radio station, but town officials commandeer it during emergencies.

Last year, during Hurricane Irene, it was a source of great information.

Speaking of Irene and Sandy: A Code Red emergency message from First Selectman Gordon Joseloff urges residents of low-lying areas to evacuate before tomorrow (Sunday) night.

Tidal surges could be 2-4 feet above what they were during that August 2011 storm.

And they could last for 3 or 4 high tide cycles.

Joseloff said residents should prepare to be without power for a week.

Or more.

3 responses to “When All Else Fails…

  1. Not to mention the full moon on the 29th. That could also cause a few problems. I am not worried about Wallingford. First of all, we are not on the shoreline. Second of all, we have our own electric division, and it is very rare that we ever lose power. Thank you, Wallingford Electric Division. I do have some candles and flashlights in case we lose power, but I doubt it, and certainly not for a week. Yikes. And the people rushing to stores to buy tons of food to put in their refrigerators and freezers, does that make sense at all? If your electricity fails, you will lose everything you bought. I have some egg salad, some bread, some cooked chicken, cereal, enough to survive on for a few days. For my three cats I have plenty of dry cat food and canned for them to survive. There is no sense in stocking up on things that require electricity to heat up or store. Oh, I grew up in Westport. That’s my connection here. If you don’t want to worry about electrical problems or flooding, Wallingford is the place to be. 🙂

  2. Sorry Barbara, You couldn’t pay me enough money to live in Wallingford!

  3. Anonymous, sorry to hear that. Wallingford is a lovely town. It is quite diverse. We have big mansions here and tiny houses. We have farmland still, lots of acreage, the Quinnipiac Linear Trail, lots of parks, community gardens, and it is really lovely here. I came here in 1982, and this is my home now. I could never afford to live in Westport after I graduated from college, and very few of my classmates could either. In Wallingford you will find simply generations of people who have lived her their whole lives. It is common. The lady who lives above me on the third floor has been here for 92 years and in her apartment above me since 1953! She still negotiates the steps, which is amazing in itself. But I find that Wallingford is a community that has families who have lived here for many, many years. I have a number of friends close to my age who were born here and they are still here. I can’t say that about Westport. Hardly any of us could stay. I think many of us wanted to stay, but there was no way we could afford to do so.