Do Not Read This Blog Post!

Instead, go outside, and clear as many leaves as possible from as many storm drains as you can.

A hurricane may be coming.

Or a nor’easter.

Or just a big rainstorm.

During a full moon.

When that stuff happens in the fall — with leaves on the ground — flooding is a no-brainer.

We can’t stop the rain.

But we can do our best to keep our drains clear. And allow our great town workers to concentrate on other stuff.

We will be back to our regularly scheduled “06880” blog tomorrow.

11 responses to “Do Not Read This Blog Post!

  1. time well spent. thanks.

  2. Dan,

    What a smart idea to get this out there.
    If a large number of people each spent a small amount of time doing this we might actually prevent some damage from being done.

    As always, thank you for raising our level of awareness in this town.

    This one might end up being especially important when we all look back one week from now.

    Great job !


  3. Having lived through many storms/hurricanes/weather events down here at the beach it’s KEY to keeping storm drains cleaned so rainwater doesn’t back up and add to coastal flooding misery. Thanks Dan for the heads up.

  4. Stratford Mess

    Hear, hear! Couldn’t agree more. This storm has already proven beneficial to me, as I was outside for the first time in years except for doctor’s appts, errands, more doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, pharmacy runs, more hospital visits then back at the computer…errands, hospital visits, you get the idea…
    I’ve finally met my next door neighbors and hopefully reassured them that I’m not just another crazy cat lady who never leaves her house. Either that or I may have sealed that opinion, either way it was nice to meet Jessica and Brian, who have lived next door to me for (well I don’t know for sure) about 10 years.
    I only found out now that they had a baby 18 months ago and as I offered my congratulations it occurred to me that it’s good somebody still has sex. The baby boom that results from Hurricane Sandy will probably end up in a boom so big that it breaks the sound barrier.
    Not the Long Island Sound one, I mean the other kind. I should copyright some of these thoughts before someone steals them.
    Stay tuned for more bipolar mental patient manic ramblings from your truly as I leave with a tip o’the hat to Dan Woog, one of my new “friends” online.
    When I first invented the internet, I knew I had found my home. Stole that from my ex-boss who lives in Westport. If HU is reading this, a hearty hi-ho from the MESS in Stratford.
    Thanks, Dan!

  5. Drains – Done!

  6. Stratford Mess

    LOL@ Westport Delight.

  7. Stratford Mess

    I mean “Good one, jerk”.

  8. Or move to Southern California…