Something Old, Something Blu

Though tomorrow’s opening of the Blu Parrot ushers in a new era of local entertainment, it’s hardly the only place in Saugatuck to hear live music.

Viva Zapata has booked bands for years.

And, alert “06880” reader Chip Stephens notes, every Thursday is Black Duck Local Artist Open Mic Night.

“The music is outstanding — it kicks ass,” Chip says. “And there’s no cover.

“It’s a hidden Westport gem. Reminds me of the late great Players Tavern.”

The Blu Parrot, Duck and Viva’s are not competing with each other — they complement themselves. The more live music in Saugatuck, the more people will come — and the hotter the whole area will be.

A rising tide lifts all barges boats.

Open mic night at the Duck.

4 responses to “Something Old, Something Blu

  1. Can anyone tell me where else we can hear good live music at restaurants in the rest of Westport – and other places in Fairfield County (I know the music venues like FTC and Acoustic Cafe). No techno please! Or if you have a website that posts this information, that would be great.

  2. Estelle T. Margolis

    And don’t overlook the Dressing Room. Lissy Newman sings there every
    other Friday night starting at 8 PM. She is awesome!