Remembering To Celebrate Westport

The question seemed reasonable. An “06880” reader working with a few non-profit groups wanted to know where she could find a calendar of events in Westport for October, and on through winter and spring.

For scheduling purposes — her own, and her organizations’ — she needed to see what the Downtown Merchants, Rotary clubs, Westport Arts Center, library, Wakeman Town Farm, Westport Woman’s Club and others had planned. And when.

I sent her to Every day — in between photos of sunsets and teardowns — the local site posts a comprehensive calendar of upcoming events.

No good, the “06880” reader said. It’s only for that day.

There’s a “Celebrate Westport” community calendar on the official town website. But that didn’t do it either.

“Everyone is slacking on putting in their events,” she said.

She’s right.

“There (sic) something going on almost every evening,” the Celebrate Westport site says.

But you wouldn’t know it. Entire weeks are empty.

The Westport Country Playhouse is unlisted. There are no library events. Not even — on the official town website — official town meetings.

A Westport Historical Society reception on October 5 — celebrating  “US Postage Stamps by Westport Artists” — is listed on the Celebrate Westport calendar.

The Celebrate Westport calendar is a great tool. You can be reminded of events by email, notified of changes, even forward info to friends.

But it’s all wasted if no one uses it. Or updates it.

I’ve done my job. I’ve posted a link to the Celebrate Westport calendar on the right side of my “06880” home page.

Now I just have to remember to use it.

3 responses to “Remembering To Celebrate Westport

  1. Fund-raisers take note!

    Yes, future planning is needed! It is funny that I get more calendar info from reading the signs in the grass in front of the library than I do from checking the online calendars. But the key is remembering those event dates/times by the time I get home to enter them in my calendar (since typing into one’s ical while driving is an accident just waiting to happen so please don’t).
    My family has to schedule special events weeks in advance to fit them in with all the kids’ sports etc. By the time I read the calendar in Westportnow, which IS wonderfully helpful for that day, I often can’t juggle the day’s events or arrange carpools. And there are some wonderful fundraisers and events that I would have attended.. if I had known about them earlier.
    An email reminder list is helpful too, either at the event or online, so people can opt in to be reminded by email every year.

  2. is a good source of cultural events although the site covers the entire Fairfield County.

  3. Duly noted… we just posted our Annual Pancake Breakfast at Wakeman Town Farm. Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 7th!