What If Miggs Burroughs Wrote A Book?

Eighteen years ago — in the aftermath of his divorce — Miggs Burroughs talked to a therapist.

Miggs had typical questions:  “What if I never meet anyone else?” “What if I keep feeling this way?” “What if…”

The therapist encouraged Miggs to write his fears down, and turn them over in his mind.

Now — nearly 2 decades later — Miggs has turned them into a book.

The What If? Book of Questions has just been published. It’s a quick and simple read — but it’s hardly quick and simple. It’s a thought-provoking, inspirational work that gets you thinking in random, odd ways. About things you’ve thought of often, and things you never imagined would enter your brain.

Miggs starts by asking: What if the most important moment in your life is this one? Can you handle the power it gives you to choose how you will spend the next one?

Then: What if choosing to read this page at this moment is also a choice not to stand on your head, go to France or do a million other things? How many choices does a person need?

And: What if you found out that the person who wrote these questions is an ugly disagreeable creature? Will your answers change?

Miggs Burroughs

Though Miggs is a fulltime graphic artist and photographer — he’s Westport’s go-to guy for designing company and non-profit logos, t-shirts, even the town flag — he did not illustrate this book. It’s all clip art.

But Miggs can’t keep his creative, graphic mind off the pages. One page is completely black. Miggs asks: What if you come across a dark empty page in your life? Can you find all the possibilities hiding there?

The book lay dormant for many years after it was written. Early this summer, Miggs teamed up with David Wilk, a digital publisher.

Now — after nearly 2 decades — What If? is available, in hard copy and e-book form.

What if Miggs had never gotten divorced? What if he hadn’t written down all those questions with his therapist? What if Jeff Bezos never started Amazon, or the Kindle had flopped, or…

(Click here to buy Miggs’ book on Amazon. Click here for Miggs’ website.)

14 responses to “What If Miggs Burroughs Wrote A Book?

  1. Thanks for the great coverage Dan. For those who go to Amazon, it currently says that the book is “temporarily out of print” but a new shipment is expected any day, so please order if you are so inclined, or contact me. I still a have a few personal copies left. Thanks

  2. Hey Miggs,
    I’ll take one of those hard copies. Please save it for me. Thanks.

  3. Looks like a great opportunity to take a quick ramble through that wonderfully creative mind. Can’t wait for my copy! Go, Miggs!

  4. What if you walked into the showers at the YMCA after morning exercise and discovered that several of the showers were missing their handles, and what if Miggs, who was standing nearby, said to you “The vandals took the handles”? Would you get the reference, and if so how long would it be before you stopped laughing?

  5. That’s also why the pump don’t work.

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  7. What if he didn’t go to London during the summer of ’64?

    • If I hadn’t gone to London way back then, I never would have been arrested, and I never would have seen Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page playing on stage together with the Yardbirds for one time only, in the basement of the Ram Jam club in SoHo.

  8. Interesting guy and a fun thought provoking book.
    I’d like to have a signed first edition copy too!
    By the way, did he ever fall in love and marry again?

    • Thanks John. I never remarried but came close several years ago. At the risk of sounding goofy, I am currently in love with the idea of trying to
      live a fearless life. The reality is not always so loveable.

  9. What if Miggs had not grown up here and decided to spend his adult life in Westport? That’s easy…..there would be a big void in Town. Besides being an iconic figure around these parts for all his generosity of time and talent….Miggs is really a good guy.

  10. Yes, well said, Bill.

  11. What if I never heard of him again.