Just Another Day In Paradise

Yesterday was one realtors spend careers dreaming of.

  • Ridiculously perfect weather.
  • An art sale that showed off our river and downtown.
  • A book sale that showed we love reading and music (and bargains).
  • The beach and Longshore at their most sublime.

If a real estate agent couldn’t sell a home yesterday, she’s in the wrong business.

If you bought a house yesterday, a warning: Every day in Westport is not like yesterday.

But we can dream.

When in Westport, do as the sculpture says: “Live Your Dreams.”

You could not buy this piece of art downtown yesterday. He’s alive!

However, you could buy this gorgeous artwork. (You can buy it today, too — the Downtown Fine Arts Festival runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

One of the kids’ activities at the Fine Arts Festival was car painting. This being Westport, it was a Mercedes.

You can get just about anything at the Westport Library’s book sale. It continues through Tuesday.

A satisfied book sale customer takes a break.

There are many ways to relax at Compo Beach.

The tide was running out at Old Mill Beach. And this home on Compo Cove got ready for a wedding. A perfect ending to a perfect day. (All photos/Dan Woog)

9 responses to “Just Another Day In Paradise

  1. Beachside032

    We are very truly blessed living in this town no matter what the weather is.
    Yes, it was a gorgeous day, but I even love taking walks in the rain.
    The sense of community is overwhelmingly apparent. And, I have lived previously in many other places. None compare.
    The public schools are top notch. A real plus for families considering our area.

    The list goes on and on.

    “It’s a wonderful life!”

  2. Wow! How blessed are we?

  3. Susan Woog Wagner

    Great photos, Dan. I ilke the way you have begun telling picutre stories with your themes.. beginning, middle and end, even in photography!
    Is my job in danger?

  4. Your last photo, taken on the second of the Old Mill bridges, takes me home. The house “ready for a wedding” was at onetime nothing but a boat house. Behind on the left is the spot where our old house was. It was bought from the Coley family in the 30’s. It served my family well till we sold it.

  5. Beach area mom

    awesome day, I did all of the above and more… capping off the day for dinner at Elvira’s and the beach! Now I know why there were fireworks last night!!
    Yes, an easy sell yesterday for a home in Westport!

  6. Oh Dan, pls find me a little ole shack that I can afford, you see I said “afford” so I can come back!

  7. I did all of the above yesterday PLUS ate at Splash AND the Black Duck. LOL. Wish I had a customer yesterday.. but then again.. I wouldn’t have had all that fun!