The Littlest Interns

Morgan moved here 2 years ago from New York. She calls Westport “awesome.” But with 4 young (and very active) kids — 8, 6, 3 ½ and 1 ½ — and some of their friends flying off to exotic places, she wondered what the summer would bring.

In April, the older ones were enthralled by the Maker Faire. Last month, the 8-year-old was equally enchanted by the new Maker Space at the library. He wanted to spend all his time there.

Morgan’s 8- and 6-year-olds. (Photo/Pamela Einarsen)

Not long after, their music teacher was stringing a guitar. He told the kids they could help. He talked about knot-tying, showed them how to do it themselves — and suddenly Morgan had an epiphany.

“I realized there are lots of opportunities around here,” she says. “Why not take the older kids around town, and let them learn what people do for their jobs?”

She mentioned the idea to Pam Einarsen — a neighbor who is also a very talented photographer. She was happy to help.

Last week, the 8-year-old boy and 6-year-old headed to Pam’s.

The newest photographers show off their work. (Photo/Pamela Einarsen)

The agreed-upon hour was soon up. Pam called Morgan. She wanted to keep them longer. The kids — and Pam — were having a great time.

Morgan had told her kids to be good listeners, respectful and helpful. They certainly were, Pam says.

They were intrigued by her photos — especially of Pam’s sons, who had babysat for them. The boy and girl took pictures of each other. Pam helped them edit. They tried a few filters, then printed them out.

Finally, the kids returned home — full of excitement about a new skill.

Carson Einarsen takes the new “interns” back home. (Photo/Pamela Einarsen)

Pam felt just as excited. Their questions invigorated her, and helped her look at photography through new eyes.

The next day, the kids knocked on Pam’s door. They handed her 2 beautiful, hand-made thank-you notes.

Morgan is looking for more opportunities for “internships.” There’s a surveyor down the street who might help. And her acupunturist…

But hey. This is Westport — a creative, fun community. Morgan’s not the only one with a great idea.

Here’s mine: If you’d like to share your job with Morgan’s kids for an hour, post it in “comments.” Or email me at; I’ll pass it along.

Morgan’s kids will — very politely — thank you.

4 responses to “The Littlest Interns

  1. Estelle T. Margolis

    Please tell Morgan that I would be delighted to have a painting hour
    with the kids. She can call me at 203-227-8138 or write to my e-mail,

    This is such a good idea. I hope many will respond.

    Estelle T. Margolis

  2. morgan’s kids were so great, i almost lost my job to them! 🙂

  3. I doubt Pam could do without Katherine, but thanks to all of you for your warm welcome!

  4. Dan, What an amazing time we had with Estelle. We are honored to know her – and you. Thank you so much for the introduction!