Yankee Stadium Comes To Compo Beach Road

For several years, a vacant lot on Compo Beach Road — the main entrance to the beach, just before Owenoke — has stood as mute testimony to the Great Recession. This is not the time to build on the site of what was once a teardown.

But the owner keeps paying property taxes.

Yesterday, he started to produce a tiny revenue stream:

That’s $30 less than the weekend fee.

And $55 less than the fine for parking illegally on the street.

Or in the equally illegal, much-further-away, but often full, Sherwood Mill Pond Preserve lot.

26 responses to “Yankee Stadium Comes To Compo Beach Road

  1. Old and Grey

    Maybe this very smart person will start a trend. Hmmm what could I get…I have room for a dozen cars!

  2. Westport Convert

    Brilliant! Good for him. That’s capitalism at its fine.


    • WC you take me for an almost unbelievable stereotype of a conservative. Like the kind Stephen Colbert imitates (and mocks). Just my two cents–please tell me if I’m absolutely wrong.

  3. Saugatuck Dweller

    I saw this on my way in to Compo yesterday. What an eyesore on a normally beautiful ride along picturesque Compo Beach Road. I can’t imagine the neighbors support this idea and hopefully they have called the police to put an end to it as soon as possible.
    It’s bad enough that the beach is completely packed with tourists every weekend. No one, should be aiding this trend with discount parking with the money not even going back into the town parks and rec. Yesterday’s crowds made Compo look more like Coney Island than a small New England Beach on the Sound!

  4. Maybe the next time someone tries to build on this lot, the neighbors will not complain about grading, drainage, and whatnot.

  5. Westporter since 1970

    Intended or not, it is an apt comment on the proliferation of junky roadside signs in Westport.

  6. I hope he has insurance. Step in a hole and you’ll own the lot.

  7. Chicken Little

    Where’s our police force? MIA. Westport = Park N Speed. We don’t issue parking tickets or have speed traps. When is the last time an officer in a patrol car looked you in the eye? Can’t do it if they are speeding or tailgating. What a shame. Where is Ron Malone when we need him?

    • Westporter4ever

      ARE YOU SERIOUS? Ron Malone?? what in heavens name would you mention him for in regards to our current police department? Most of the rank an file probably don’t even know who he is except for a Garbage Man…don’t get me wrong he’s a nice guy..but rather than airing frustration on a blog, why don’t you call the current police administration. They are VERY reseptive to feedback of any kind.

      • Chicken Little

        Because I’m Chicken Little. They all know Ron. No, I’m not serious. Did you have your sense of humor surgically removed?

  8. This ain’t your kids’ lemonade stand. It’s probably in violation of the Westport Planning and Zoning regulations.

    • well then the joke is on you because p+z won’t deal with it without a court order

  9. Westport Old Guard

    Capitalistic and smart. He’s paying taxes on it and the only people who have an issue are NIMBY’s. Enjoy away. BTW, Fairfield beaches are not Coney Island, even at their most crowded. Because there is alot of beach. And mostly lily white too peeps. Others can use the beach, it won’t fall into disrepair and trashiness.

  10. What a great idea. I am going to see if I can joint-venture with him and buy some of those parking lifts so more cars could fit in the lot.