Chico’s Is Cool

Temperatures soared near 100 last weekend. But downtown Westport held its annual “Sidewalk Sale,” so even more stores than usual flung open their doors. Air conditioning poured forth, chilling Main Street.

And, as noted here less than 3 weeks ago, wasting precious energy and annoying a sizable contingent of consumers.

Chico’s was not one of the shops called on the “06880” carpet pavement. Perhaps the women’s clothing chain has a high environmental IQ.

Perhaps they read this blog.

At any rate, here’s a sign posted on the front and back doors:

(Photo/Judy Crowley Simonetti)

The doors stayed shut, unless someone went in or out.

And — contrary to merchants who claim they “have to” keep doors open to attract customers — business boomed.

Chico’s is Da Man.

27 responses to “Chico’s Is Cool

  1. My favorite store in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cold or not………..LOL !!!

  2. Mine too!!!! :

  3. Westport Convert

    The fanatical environment agenda continues at “06880.”


    • Things were slow, so Dan resorted to an aldie but a goodie. Expect another article on how great Westport once was before all those new people moved in and built McMansions.

      • Richard Lawrence Stein

        Emma why is energy waste an ok thing… Did your father not tell you to shut off the lights when you left a room… Or was he the type to start a fire with money… Or do you cool your McMansion with your SubZero doors wide open… You really just seem like a dbag by saying let them keep the doors open…. Mayor Bloomberg love him or hate him has made it fineable for keeping the doors open

        • You are having a really bad day. Where did I say anything about leaving doors open? You must have difficulty reading. You should see someone about those anger management issues. I do prefer that people make there own decisions about how they spend their money and such, You prefer fascism. You and Bloomberg are a perfect march.

          • Richard Lawrence Stein

            No all is well….and Dan is quite busy readying himself for an outstanding soccer season and putting all sorts of stories on the blog…. but the wasteful enterprises of our towns stores is a story that keeps giving….and your dbag attitude is just another one that just keeps on wasting….

    • “fanatical environment agenda”
      Really? Your standards for fanaticism are quite low. Perhaps you’re just
      projecting. Puts some pants on and go outside and take a walk.

  4. Chico’s is Da WoMan, Dan. 🙂

    Love the folks who seem to hate your blog, but can’t stop reading and posting. They make for a great and hilarious read. Please tell me they are all comedians. OMG if they are “for real.”

    • I thought of “Da Woman.” But the allusion to “Chico and the Man” was already so tenuous, I decided to not push it.

      As for the commenters: yeah, they’re all real. I am happy to give them a forum to bash what I write, though it would be nice if once in a while they threw a few bucks my way for the privilege. 😉

  5. Babette d'Yveine

    Not only are they environmentally responsible, they have great clothing..

  6. Okay, here’s the explanation of what’s been called my “fanatical environment agenda.” I went downtown to check out Chico’s during the sidewalk sales, as I wanted to see if any of my favorite items were on sale. When I got to the front door I saw the sign about keeping the door closed. I thought, “Hey! Dan Woog wrote about this, I’m sure he’d find it pretty interesting that this store is encouraging people to close the door!” I emailed Dan and told him about the sign. The next morning I took a picture, so he could run a follow up article. WOW!! I never realized that this would be classified as a “fanatical environment agenda!” If, by chance it was Chico’s you were referring to, they were politely asking people to shut the door by hanging a paper sign on the door. I doubt they had anyone standing by with eggs to throw at those who left the door open. There was no screaming, no craziness and there was no “occupying”. And, I would hardly classify the sales ladies at Chico’s as fanatics!!
    It was a fun follow up piece about someone put a sign on a door downtown … fanatical?!? Really?!? You all can be so silly!! So quick to judge people you have NEVER met. So quick to analyze a situation you apparently had no idea about. Tisk tisk!

    • Westport Convert

      I was commenting on Dan’s ridiculous obsession with privately-owned businesses choosing to keep their doors open on Main Street. Not your picture, or Chicos, or this particular post.


      • One man’s “ridiculous obsession” is another man’s concern for the planet we all share.

        • Westport Convert

          Concern can be interpreted many different ways. My apologies for labeling your concern as an obsession.

          We’ll have to agree to disagree about the concern itself, though. The long-term impact of open doors and air conditioners, for several hours a day, in a developed residential area — with minimal wildlife compared to other parts of town — does not take priority over the rights of the small business owner (or the corporations, for that matter).

          If this is a serious threat to Westport’s wildlife and ecosystem, I expect the “06880” readers to appeal to the town and try to make the ‘closed door policy’ a town law. That is how change happens these days.


  7. Well, I took the picture and I also suggested the story, so why is this Dan’s “obsession”. That aside, Dan has written hundreds, if not thousands of articles and about a handful (or less) have been on this topic … what not even 1% of his articles. Get a grip!!!
    And, like Dan says, he cares about the planet! I’m not the best at being “green”. I’m far from it in fact; however, I do try to do the right thing. I applaud Dan for bringing this to our attention and for being a VERY good sport about all the negativity!!
    Cheers, peeps.

  8. Westport Convert

    I actually agree with you on Dan being a very good sport, even if I am one of those being credited with the “negativity.”

    I’m sure it’s not easy. Carry on, Dan! I still enjoy reading the blog. We’ll call it a love/hate relationship.


  9. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Judi… I am being called a faciest for common sense behavior… How often did big Steve tell you to stop wasting energy or the lights or the water… Not because of any political affiliation, but because waste is stupid and throwing money away is even dumber…. So I guess we are big rubes for caring about common sense and wasteful behavior and Dan is a ramble rouser

    • That would be “fascist.” You want to force people to act as if they believe as you believe.

      • Richard Lawrence Stein

        No just be mindful… And sorry about the spelling…. Doesnt change my feeling I won’t shop any store that keeps their door open… And since these places are private/public our voices should be heard if they want our dollars…. And I still think your views are douche baggian and calling me any political way is ignorant…. I have no real affiliation except the human common sense race

        • You have excluded from the “human common sense race” all those with whom you disagree. Such thinking makes it easy to declare others “not human.” It has happened before.

  10. Did my dad tell me to turn off the lights? I am sure he did; I honestly don’t remember. I do turn off the lights though, and am sure I was always good about it. Do I remember specifically? No.

    As far as “WC” is concerned, I share many of his views; I am just a little bit more of a “soft touch” about it. I believe the government is way too big, has no business taxing us to death, has no business fining a privately owned business for keeping a door open, and has ZERO business bothering me by shoving their agenda down my throat. If you want to make the world a better place, it starts in the home. Be good to your kids, be good to those around you and be good to yourself. Be a good neighbor. The Golden Rule applies no matter what your faith, or lack thereof. Teach your children about manners by having good manners. Teach your children by being a good example. Charity is a great thing, be more charitable. If everyone took responsibility for their actions, were good parents and good people, took care of themselves and worked hard, our country would not be going to hell in a hand basket. For those who seriously cannot take care of themselves, of course, let’s lend them a hand. I’m not cruel. I’m all for taking care of the truly needy, just not the truly lazy.

    The government is not the answer. I will bet you sixteen trillion dollars that the government is wasting our money every day. I doubt having the A/C – light switch czars will make our world a better place … and we can’t afford it. For those who won’t shop in a store that keeps a door open, I think that’s great. Stand up for what you believe in! I honestly never gave it a second thought until Dan wrote about it! Now I do notice it. I’m happy Dan brought it to my attention. By fall I will probably forget who did and who didn’t shut their doors, so may shop in a “bad store”. I don’t know. My mind is so full on how to raise a wonderful, healthy, strong, polite daughter … that’s my priority. Again, though, I do admire those who will boycott and do what they can to make Mother Earth a happy and healthy place to live! I too do what I can to make the world a better place.

    My husband retired from the police force. He was a ranger in the US Army, and a police officer in Westport, then Bridgeport. To say he spent his life serving others is an understatement. He invented a product that increases gas mileage and lowers greenhouse gasses. If you want to make the world a better place, than make the world a better place – don’t wait for the government to make the world a better place. He did this on his own. He was on the phone internationally every night, while still working every day, and taking care of his family. He worked tirelessly in our basement, night after night trial and error after trial and error. He wanted to make a better life for us, so he worked hard, took a gamble and did it! He didn’t wait for the white night of the government to help us. He worked with politicians/the government – guess what – they are politicians and they have no interest in helping you or anyone else. The bleeding heart agenda has nothing to do with compassion!

    Government is not the answer – not now, not then, not ever. The government is supposed to fix our roads and bridges, put out fires, put criminals in jail, and educate us. That’s why I pay taxes. I don’t think, however, government should turn off our light switches and close our doors. This is just my opinion. I’m sure I will be lambasted for it, but please remember, I don’t judge you for your OPINION and respect it – that is part of what I think will make this world a better place — tolerance, class and treating people well.

    So, there goes my diatribe. This is why I don’t always respond. I can’t shut up!