Today’s Post Road Accident

It happens like clockwork.

The sun rises in the east. It sets in the west. In between, there’s an accident on the Post Road.

This morning’s crash involved 2 cars. One went up in flames.

This time at least, firefighters did not have far to go. It happened a few yards from the firehouse, in front of Fresh Market.

Drive safely, please.

6 responses to “Today’s Post Road Accident

  1. Old and Grey

    At a traffic light no less…hmm…distracted by ????

  2. Could it be a CELL PHONE????!!!
    I am amazed there are not more of these with the number of idiots I see each and every day on their cell phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wendy Crowther

    Speaking of the Firehouse, the blinking yellow lights at the Firehouse are no longer blinking – they’re turned off. Anyone know why? In an odd twist, some of the Post Road’s traffic lights WERE ONLY blinking yellow for the past few days (I think since Sunday’s deluge). Most were fixed as of this morning, but the CVS intersection (one of the worst in town) was still blinking as of 1:00 pm today. I’m surprised there haven’t been MORE accidents under these conditions.

  4. There have been studies done showing that traffic lights sometimes INCREASE accidents — presumably, with people trying to beat the yellow (or, in Westport’s case, red). Sometimes, at dangerous intersections without lights, people drive MORE carefully. Think of the ridiculous Weston Road-Easton Road-Main Street interchange near the Merritt Parkway. You never see accidents there. People slow down, and figure it out.

  5. Stacy Prince

    I read once about a European study where they they took out all the traffic lights in one town. People actually made eye contact at intersections, and there were, indeed, fewer accidents.

  6. Dan, I’m surprised to hear that there are no accidents at that crazy interchange at Weston Road. I do think that drivers are exra careful there. I always pity the driver who gets stuck hanging in the middle of the road just past the stop sign in front of Daybreak Nursery.