Happy 50th, Keith!

A half century ago yesterday, the Rolling Stones played their first-ever live gig.

A few years later — still so young — they sang, “What a drag it is getting old…”

The Stones keep rolling.

A few years after that — in their “call me Lucifer” days — I could never imagine that Keith Richards would get so much satisfaction, spending so many nights together, just up the road in Weston.

Sure, you can’t always get what you want. But time has definitely been on Keith’s side.

Here’s to 50 more great years. It’s only rock ‘n’ roll, but I like it.

And I love your white Rolls.

Westporter Charlie Karp (who left Staples in 10th grade to play with guys like Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Miles), with Keith Richards at the Georgetown Saloon. Photo by Staples grad Ray Flanigan. The Saloon was owned by Staples grad Adam Lubarsky, making Westonite Keith the only “foreigner” there.

12 responses to “Happy 50th, Keith!

  1. Can anyone remember when his buddies carried Keith in a basket chair to the Post Cinema? Martha S. used to go to the theatre as well. Wonder if they ever met?

    • I have seen Keith twice at local drugstores. I always thought that was an interesting spot for him.

      A couple of years ago, he drove by the Staples boys soccer car wash. Several players urged him to come in. Not trusting Westport teenagers with his car, he instead tossed us a $20 bill and drove on.

  2. Keith and Patti were at the beach watching the July 4th fireworks in front of Joey’s around ’98-’99.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Mr. Richards. When we moved to Weston from Southern California in 1990, it was a given (since well, Keith Richards lives here too, you know) that Jose and he would be buds, birds of a feather, industry mates or something like that. The truth is, we’ve never met him, seen him, had a chance to commiserate about ‘The Industry’ of today or traffic in town nor had an opportunity to say, “Well done, ol’ boy..!” Perhaps this is that chance: “Well done, good sir. Congratulations on your first 50 years and many more to you!! We’re thrilled to be, like you, steadfast Westonites” There.

  4. How about posting pics of Keith with one of Westport’s rock n roll legends, Charlie Karp? Keith jammed with Charlie at the Georgetown Saloon some years back–wish I had seen that. I was very fortunate to have seen Keith and the guys on their last tour at the Beacon Theater in 2006 (where Scorcese filmed his doc). What a great show, and it proved they still had it in their mid-60s,

  5. Richard Lawrence Stein

    If I ever need a kidney transplant, I want Keith Richards!!! That thing has to be super human and quite indistructable.

  6. Probably in the 80s, and I don’t know where they were held, were legendary poker games with my brother Joe Palmieri (who died in 2003) and Keith Richards and some other guys. When Joe told me he was playing with Keith Richards I believed him because Joe was an unpretentious man’s man.

  7. Love the pix of Charlie and Keith! What a great area we all lived in.

  8. Happy anniversary to Keith and all the Stones! Still love the music after all these years. Susan F, thanks to Jose for his music too. I hope one day you and Jose will bump into Keith.

  9. Bruce Fernie

    Cool stuff!