Green Day

The bachelorette party included many young women from Los Angeles.

They enjoyed the full Westport experience: kayaking up the Saugatuck. Sailing on the Sound. Drinks at Viva’s. The patio bar at Splash. Fireworks at Compo.

So what did they talk about most?

The greenery.

The Californians could not believe how verdant Westport is.

Just another typical Westport scene.

Like a fish that never realizes it lives in water, we never stop and admire the lush foliage that surrounds us throughout the summer.

Thanks, L.A. women, for opening our eyes to one more wonder of Westport.

12 responses to “Green Day

  1. Dan – I’m so glad they enjoyed our little slice of paradise! Every now and then as I walk by the beach I have to pinch myself and can’t believe I really get to live here!
    But the other day I was walking and had to step over several piles of dog poop on the street and past an awful lot of trash ear the water’s edge- apparently not everyone feels the need to help keep our slice of paradise clean. Sad!!

  2. Westport Convert

    Details? Who were these people? This is “totally random.” But I love it, because I agree with them! We are very fortunate.

    Weston had a lot of green too — more than Westport — but it’s not the same kind as Westport. We felt like we were trapped in the woods.

    I am glad we decided to make the move those many years ago.


    • “These people” asked not to be named. They were worried that sometimes even the most innocuous and/or positive “06880” story gets twisted, by a few commenters, into personal attacks, or taken in negative directions entirely. They’re not the first people who have told me that.

  3. I love my secluded little enclave in Weston and don’t feel trapped one bit. With Westport just a stone’s throw away, we have the best of both.

    • Westport Convert

      Different strokes for different folks, Lambie. It might have also been where we were at in Weston.


      • Indeed, WC. I might have mentioned that I have a tendency to be a hermit, which might explain it a little.

  4. Fred Cantor

    This is completely in synch with the perspective of a longtime friend from the LA area who was in central CT for a conference just over a week ago and drove down on the Merritt Parkway to visit us and another old friend. She was exclaiming about the beauty of the Merritt with its canopy of trees. (By the way, she lives in a home high up on a hill with a spectacular view of the Pacific and frequently travels on the PCH, which obviously offers its own incredible scenery.) But, it is true–the lush foliage is not present in the area she lives in. So it is something our friend truly appreciated.

  5. Having just moved here from Simsbury, another verdant green place, I would share one observation. The green is great, but it can come with a price if precautions aren’t taken. I’m sure we all remember Winter Storm Alfred last October. In Simsbury, we lost power for over a week. 11 days at my house. Lots of reasons, but one of the biggies was that the trees had been allowed to grow around, over, and even through the power lines. As I drive around Westport, I see the same thing, the same potential for massive tree damage to the lines. In Simsbury, they’re doing an enormous amount of pruning and even some clearing to reduce the chances of having a similar problem in the future. I’m wondering if any discussions have been held here.

  6. If you’ve been down Park Lane recently, then you can see that CL&P (through Knapp Tree Co.) has taken care of any trees that could have the notion of pulling down a power line. They left behind some barely there patches of shrubs and stumps…not too “verdant” or attractive. Then again, and in all seriousness, a woman was killed by a fallng tree in a freak conflagration of events a few years ago. I do wish it could have been done more judiciously.

  7. Beverley Cens Ransom

    As a transplant to San Diego from Connecticut one of the things I tell people out here is that New England has an overall awesome, green beauty. Here in California we have spectacular places like Yosemite, Kings Canyon and the Sierra’s but you have to drive through some not too pretty scenery to reach them.

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