Aux Delices Opens

Square pizzas and meatball parms are out. Mushroom barley burgers and quinoa pilaf are in.

That’s the menu, now that Aux Delices has replaced Arcudi’s — the family restaurant that twice occupied the Post Road building next to Carvel’s.

This is the 4th Aux Delices in Fairfield County. Husband-and-wife owners Gregory Addonizio and Debra Ponzek opened the first 3 in Riverside, downtown Greenwich and Darien.

Like those, this one features specialty imported and local foods, freshly baked desserts and full-service catering.

It’s more like Chef’s Table — a previous tenant — than Arcudi’s, which both preceded and followed it.

Mangia! Bon appétit!

7 responses to “Aux Delices Opens

  1. Andy Yemma

    Dan I’m pretty sure a bagel joint preceded Chef’s Table in that location.

  2. You’re right. It was Bruegger’s for a short while.

  3. Arcudi’s is gone? Is nothing sacred? Well, I’ve been out of town quite a while…

  4. They make the best chocolate-chocolate cake anywhere! The other stuff is good too, but whenever we drive up from Philly, we get at least one cake.

  5. If you want to experience a true French Bakery, head down the Post Road a couple miles and visit Isabelle et Vincent…

    • Ooh, that’s good too, but different. I&V make excellent croissants and chocolates, AD makes cakes and offers take away meals. Enjoy them both!

  6. Expensive. But if they have the hot ginger/lemon tea (like Aux in Greenwich has), try it!