Cobb’s Mill: Part 3

Saturday’s post on the possible closure of the Route 57 bridge — a main gateway to the newly reopened Cobb’s Mill Inn — did not cause the stir I thought it might.

Maybe Weston’s telegraph operator was off for the weekend.

Here are a few more details, from an engineer who appears to know something:

“Bridge No. 01023” (to use its official state number) has been placed on a list of bridges needing rehabilitation. A study report is being prepared, and engineers are performing a hydraulic analysis.

Construction would start in 5 to 8 years. Many bureaucratic steps remain between today and 2017 (or 2020). Two major ones are funding and priorities.

The engineer stresses that there is no safety concern with the bridge. Routine inspections have identified, however, that it is showing its age. It was built around 1933.

The engineer — thinking ahead — hopes residents will weigh in on the choice between detouring traffic (for an expedited construction schedule) or maintaining traffic (and taking a long time to construct a new bridge).

Route 57 has no viable detour. It is an important route to Georgetown, and a major conduit to Weston center.

In the meantime, the road — and the bridge — to Cobb’s Mill Inn are open. Use them!

7 responses to “Cobb’s Mill: Part 3

  1. Actually if you are headed north on 57 you take a left onto 53 and then a right onto Cobbs Mill Road you would bypass the bridge. Alternately north of the bridge Godfrey Road connects 57 and 53 so that would also serve as a bypass.

  2. Perhaps you were assuming that people really wanted to return to the Cobb’s Mill Inn. Westport has so many new and lovely restaurants – people don’t really need to run up to Weston to enjoy a lovely meal. And…… we don’t know what the food is like yet!

    • Gary Singer

      How many Westport restaurants have the charm, the running waterfall and the ambiance of Cobb’s Mill? Sometimes it just ain’t all about food.

    • There’s nothing in Westport like the Cobb’s Mill Inn

  3. Sorry, with all that we have to choose from……. the food is the star.

  4. Cathy Walsh

    Come on Anonymous, get beyond food….there’s more to an evening after the meal is done.

    I went to La Roue Elayne (Cobbs Mil)l this past Sat, The menu is smart, the food is good, and the staff is hardworking and efficient, but the highlight of the night, in my view, was the music. Elayne stepped in last minute for the missing singer in the band and did a great job. Not only can she sing, she’s incredibly welcoming and spent the entire evening , dancing with the patrons while singing. The dance floor was packed. Elayne is a fantastic entertainer and hostess. Go …have fun….Eat , Drink, Dance…Elayne will be having live musice 2 or 3 nights a week, check it out on Facebook,