Missing Dog Makes NPR

Andy — the Welsh Corgi whose 4-month long disappearance has been covered by media outlets ranging from “06880” to the New York Times — has now had his story told on NPR.

A national “All Things Considered” audience this afternoon heard a nearly 4- minute report. This was not, NPR noted, a story about “putting flyers on telephone poles, or wandering the streets calling for Fido.”

The piece described the hiring of a “pet detective,” with tracker dogs. It noted the more than 20 sightings of Andy so far. It quoted a woman who spends 5 hours a day, 5 days a week looking for the lost dog.

And — while acknowledging that spending over $10,000 to find the animal might seem excessive to some — it quoted Andy’s owner as saying he could not not look for him.

(Click here to listen to the story via NPR’s website.)

4 responses to “Missing Dog Makes NPR

  1. I really hope they stick with their search. I know I’m repeating myself when I say my dog was found after 9 weeks and he was not what you would call an outdoor dog. If that dog could make his way, I’m sure Andy can too.

  2. Actually, for the record, I’m convinced this is all some kind of publicity stunt. I don’t believe this dog ever was in town, and I think the perpetrators of this stunt are merely orchestrating it to market a dog book down the line.

    • Why do you have to be souch a Douche Nozzle?

      • People like you, obviously — too scared to use your name, too slow to respond (my god, 2 1/2 months!), and too easy to fool … You just DEMAND reaction from your betters …