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Missing Dog Makes NPR

Andy — the Welsh Corgi whose 4-month long disappearance has been covered by media outlets ranging from “06880” to the New York Times — has now had his story told on NPR.

A national “All Things Considered” audience this afternoon heard a nearly 4- minute report. This was not, NPR noted, a story about “putting flyers on telephone poles, or wandering the streets calling for Fido.”

The piece described the hiring of a “pet detective,” with tracker dogs. It noted the more than 20 sightings of Andy so far. It quoted a woman who spends 5 hours a day, 5 days a week looking for the lost dog.

And — while acknowledging that spending over $10,000 to find the animal might seem excessive to some — it quoted Andy’s owner as saying he could not not look for him.

(Click here to listen to the story via NPR’s website.)