Westport’s Newest Wonder

Beach-goers enjoying an Easter walk today — or a post-Passover stroll, or atheistic ramble — were treated to a new sight:

Hillspoint Road near Schlaet’s Point is the site of Westport’s newest park. Well, not officially — but someone spiffed things up nicely. There are daffodils, plenty of plantings, and a new swim-at-your-own-risk mini-beach.

Thanks — whoever you are — for this great gift to the town.

7 responses to “Westport’s Newest Wonder

  1. Simply gorgeous. But how can one be an atheist amidst such beauty? Just wondering…

    Thanks for sharing, Dan.

  2. Hey Dan–It’s hard to tell from this photo–but, i believe that is the “private” garden of the beautiful home just across the street– and what they have done and planted IS beautiful!!– their property actually crosses the road and they have made a special little private garden with extra parking…(but there is a chained off gate). However, it is a great example of a private little garden that is still spectacular to watch–the plantings are low… and still have beautiful views of the sea….


    Just down the beach a bit–where they are tearing down the old home a few up from Elvira’s — these two houses also OWN a bit of land on the beach side and– that is great for them. We saw recently that almost all of the icky old chain link fence has been removed in front of two houses that face the LI Sound, down near Positano’s… but– then/ dang!– they are installing a huge, tall hedge!!! which effectively completely blocks the views of all people passing, on foot or in cars… It just doesn’t seem right– or neighborly. I feel they should rethink *at least* the height of this hedge– then they can have a fabulous garden for everyone to enjoy– even if they can’t exactly ‘enter in and pic-nic’ it still seems only fair that the townspeople and visitors be able to SEE the water~

    ……..Please!! : )

  3. Richard Lawrence Stein

    That is the little access next to the home on the point? If it is…that property is owned by some association that is in that area…so thank the association… its not the individual across the street

  4. The home across the dtreet maintains and plants the garden, and does such a wonderful job with it. They did the same last year, but the hurricane undid their beautiful deeds. But i believe that the property is owner by Bluewater hill residense as a water access, small boat, windsurfer spot, and launch. The public access is the other side of the property. The work going up next to the mill beach is by the owners in the adjacent property. After 3 months of blasting and stone work a “Notice Letter” went out to neighbors. And true! the hedge is too high.

    Surf’s up!

  5. Anon Hedge Fund

    Icky chain-link fences and too-high hedges? Last I heard there were no Westport ordinances against chain-link or high hedges. If you need unimpeded views of the Sound, walk down at Compo Beach. Please let these people enjoy their property as they wish; that “seems only fair”.