Deer Me

One of my favorite blogs (besides “06880”) is Dreadful Drivers.

Not only does it chronicle every vehicular misdeed known to man (and you too, woman) — it does so with a Fairfield County sensibility. The blogger lives here.

(From the “About” page:  “This blog is fueled by anger, bafflement, disbelief and, very occasionally, amusement at the antics of drivers in Fairfield County, Connecticut. I’m not a perfect driver. But at least I’m not dreadful.”)

Recently, Dreadful Drivers featured this photo:

Hey! That’s a Westport sign!

It’s on Green’s Farms Road — the end near Sherwood Island.

Look closely — that’s a rifle pointing toward the poor little leaping deer.

Far be it from me to advocate violence. Or defacing public signs.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever been involved in a “deer strike,” you know there’s something worse than dreadful drivers.

Dreaded deer.

7 responses to “Deer Me

  1. Rat tat tat, Rat tat tat
    Shoot the bastards down
    Oh what fun it is to see
    The Rangers come to Town


  2. Thanks Dan. I call it like I see it. And there’s no shortage of material.

    Keep on drivin’

  3. Lamplight JD

    Sure does need to be more deer control.
    I have had three close calls/near misses with deer here in Westport.
    All three times this occurred right opposite Long Shore golf course.

    I think my Mini Cooper would lose!

  4. Westporter4ever

    That’s sign is pretty funny…I have had 1 run in with a dear and MANY close calls…funny, all have been on either Westport roads, or the Merrit Parkway within the Westport townline…Scary!! Also funny to note, i recently moved to Monroe (the sticks as i like to say) and BARELY do I see deer…i have a beautiful garden also that is not RAVAGED!!

  5. Maybe the deer are attracted to Westport because of the great schools Dan mentioned in his previous post:)


    The sign was removed the day after this post went up. Coincidence, I think not. 😉 … especially since this deer has been at gunpoint since late August. Several years ago the same sign was hit with a more risque graffi, and that one was removed within days.
    Hoping the deer who ate all early spring pansies will also disappear!