Carl Swanson’s Pig In A Poke

Carl Addison Swanson is an avid reader of — and commentator on — “06880.” He is a longtime Westport resident, a keen observer of the town he loves, and a writer. His most recent novel in the famed Hush McCormick series has just been released.

Pig in A Poke is your 3rd book in 3 years.  How do you do it?
Out of necessity. It costs a lot of live in Westport.

What does “pig in a poke” actually mean?
It’s an English phrase dating back to the 17th century. They tried to trick you with dog or cat meat, when you thought you were buying ham.  In my context it means “watch your ass.” You can never be sure of what you’re

The plot?
All-American high school athlete is found guilty of date rape.  With the help of Hush, he runs from the law.  The FBI, NSA, Mafia and bail bondsmen attempt to track him down.

Your protagonist, Hush McCormick, helps people disappear.  What’s with that?
He’s a boat bum who likes to help people.

Your alter ego?
The bum part.

All your books start out in Connecticut, but never Westport.
My next book, Double Parked in the Twilight Zone, will be set in Westport in the summer of 1960.

Will Westporters like it?
If they liked Westport in 1960.

Carl Addison Swanson

You think it’s different now?
The blueprint is very much the same. A buddy once told me that the world is made up of 90% assholes, and the key is to find the 10%. There are still a lot of the 10 per cent here. Far more than other places.

So Hush is retired, and you’re writing a memoir?
You need to read Poke to find that out. But Hush is very tired. I need a new voice.

Some suspect you are the infamous “The Dude Abides” on this blog.
I am much better looking. 

(Pig In A Poke is available at and Barnes & Noble. The author’s website is

20 responses to “Carl Swanson’s Pig In A Poke

  1. My clever clever guy. Pig is my favorite.

  2. Eric Buchroeder

    Totally agree on the 10% ratio of good guys in Westport but that census was taken before I moved away in ’78. I’ll have to buy one of these books. Maybe I’m in it.

  3. Eric, if you’re not in CAS’s book you’ll definitely be in mine!. Yup, he’s clever guy indeed, JAM.

  4. Swanson ain’t no math guy. Far more than 10% assholes here now.

    • Longtime Westporter

      Sorry, you are definitely not the math person. The quote said that there are more than the average of 10% of NON-assholes in Westport. And I agree with Carl saying that we have less than 90% assholes in Westport.

  5. Eric Buchroeder

    You older Westporters are to be admired for your accomplishments.

    • Travis McGee

      You must have missed Carl’s point about being a bum.

      • Eric Buchroeder

        Being a bum and living in Westport? If that’s not an accomplishment I don’t know what is.

  6. Can I get an autograph?

  7. Westporter Since '03

    OH, I WANT IN…!!!

    I’ve always wanted to be a “fictional character, whose resemblance to persons…” OR to score a cameo in a “tell-all”…

    But, note to the author:
    I wasn’t born yet in 1960…
    And didn’t move to Westport til ’03

    Hey, I’m still glad to see that all of the celebrity luster has not left Westport… and I’ll def be at the book signing. 🙂

  8. Glad you found my writing buddy’s latest book! Buy it and read it if you haven’t already!

  9. Patricia Driscoll

    Best of luck with the newest installment of your Hush McCormick series!

  10. Late Night Rita

    I have read Fat People Are Harder to Kidnap by Carl. He is a good writer. He is even a better neighbor.

  11. Congrats Carl! Can’t wait to read it.
    Donna McDowell

  12. Donna McDowell

    Congrats Carl! Can’t wait to read it…

  13. Carl–will you do a reading/signing at the summer Compo gathering of 06880 readers?

  14. Indeed, if you will? I do believe the Professor and others are working on another site for the 1st annual 06880 Blogging Blast. Date to be announced. Details to follow. Stay tuned. Hasta luego.

  15. A great read. I already read it and loved it.

  16. Carl – Congratulations on your new book. Babette