One Good Reason Not To Give Up Your Cell Phone For Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday — the traditional beginning of Lent.

Here in Westport, apparently, it’s also the beginning of the use of QR codes to advertise the special day.

Whether or not St. Luke’s is the 1st church in the world to embrace QR technology* or not — and it very well may be — the 11th Commandment still stands: Thou shalt not text in the pews.

*QR codes — like those shown above — are those bizarre-looking designs which, when put into your cell phone, exhibit gobs of information about whatever is being described or advertised (in this case, Ash Wednesday). NOTE: You need a QR code reader app to access all that info.

4 responses to “One Good Reason Not To Give Up Your Cell Phone For Lent

  1. Stop the madness!

  2. The Dudes Abides

    I don’t own one!! In 30 years of practicing law, I have never got a phone call that couldn’t wait until I got home or to the office.

  3. Appealing to the young, or the rich, I guess?

  4. Parishoners of St. Luke Church in Westport enthusiastically proclaim that, “All are welcome”! Our use of QR codes in communications (including signs) is part of our effort to reach out to everyone, both those who are “technology inclined” and those who have no interest in technology. The QR code used in our Ash Wednesday signs guided those with a smart phone and QR code reader application to the schedule of Ash Wednesday services posted on our parish website. Note that most signs weren’t in the middle of the street! 🙂 If you still have no clue what QR technology is all about and/or don’t care, don’t worry. All are welcome to join us at St. Luke’s in Westport!