Broadway Boys Are Back In Town

For Broadway music, you can go to Broadway.

Or Broadway can come to you.

This Sunday (February 12, 4 p.m., Staples High School), the Broadway Boys — “the hottest male voices currently working on the New York stage” — return to Westport.

And by “return,” I mean that literally.

Musical director and keyboardist Justin Paul, bassist Dan Asher and drummer Drew McKeon are Staples grads. Guitarist Jeremy Goldsmith grew up in Weston.

The quartet drives the Boys’ show, combining scintillating harmonies with pop, funk, gospel, jazz, folk, pop R&B, Latin — and of course show tunes.

An added attraction: over a dozen Staples Players — some of them destined for Broadway themselves — will join the Broadway Boys onstage for a pop/gospel song written by Justin Paul and his musical partner, Benj Pasek.

It’s a fitting combination. Justin is a former Staples Player, while Dan and Drew played in the pit for many productions.

The group’s goal is to spread “wonderful music from the Broadway repertoire — both classic and contemporary — across the country,” Justin says.

They also hope to get younger generations excited about Broadway. The show is a fundraiser for Staples Players and the Northeast Childrens Theatre Company, a new non-profit founded by Justin’s brother Tyler Paul. Both organizations are filled with youngsters who love Broadway, and its music.

“We love reaching young people,” Justin says. “That’s why it’s so exciting to come back to Staples. It’s even more exciting to actually perform with these amazing, dynamic and talented high school performers.”

Justin Paul

The Broadway Boys perform all over the country. But, Justin says — without too much bias — “I truly believe Staples is a unique place. The tradition of producing wonderfully trained, absurdly talented and highly skilled musical theater performers is incredible.

“I always feel rejuvenated when I work with high school students. I get a new love and respect for this art form from them. They’re not jaded, bitter or ‘over it.’ Their excitement and wonder about the theater is contagious.

“Getting up on stage — my old stage — with them and making music together is what collaboration, joy and theater is all about.”

The Broadway Boys earn raves wherever they perform. On Sunday, the performance is right here in our — and their — backyard.

(Click here for ticket information. Among the Staples Players scheduled to appear: Gregg Bonti, Allie Daut, Charlie Greenwald, Danielle Honigstein, Tyler Jent, August Laska, Grace McDonald-Seidner, Liam Orly, Alexandra Rappaport, Sami Schwaeber, Ryan Shea, Clay Singer, Michael Sixsmith and Jamie Yarmoff.)

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