Going To The Can

Alert “06880” reader Kerith Harding asks:

Have you noticed the sudden disappearance of the trash can that was in the 2nd of the 2 grassy seating areas along the river near Parker Harding Plaza? I think there may even have been one by the tables at the far end that has disappeared as well.

It makes taking a walk along the river and disposing of one’s dog-poop bags, Starbucks and yogurt cups a bit more challenging, as it is no fun to have to navigate across the parking lot, dog or children in tow, to find another one.  What’s up with this?!

I haven’t been down to the river’s edge since last summer. Even if I had, I doubt I’d have noticed the vanishing cans.

but thanks, Kerith, for asking. And for sending along photographic evidence — including what looks like an extra can at Starbucks.

Mystery solved?

Clockwise from upper left: The lone trash can left on the Parker Harder Plaza river; Haley where a can once sat; there used to be one here too, Kerith says; 2 cans, for some unknown reason, at Starbucks.

4 responses to “Going To The Can

  1. Ha ha!! You said ‘Parker Harder’! Actually, that should be ‘Harder Parking’. Better proofreading, please.

  2. kirsten woods

    and Haley the dog gets her 15 minutes of fame in the 06880 blog-

  3. I have been wondering this myself! Thank you, Dan! And Kerith! And by the way, that is the cutest dog. She deserves her trash cans back.