Fine To Park Here

On the grand list of Spectacularly Selfish Things, parking in a handicap spot stands near the top.

So I was very impressed with this photo, sent in by alert “06880” reader Alan Beasley (not the pediatrician — there are 2 Al Beasleys in town):

This was clearly taken someplace other than Westport.

A $1000 fine!

That would certainly free up some spots around town, no?

10 responses to “Fine To Park Here

  1. Thanks for this reminder that disabled parking is for the disabled. I once met an adolescent boy who made it a practice to flatten the tires of people who wrongly parked in these parking places out of sensitivity for his MOM, who had MS and a proper sticker!

  2. Could not agree more, Dan!
    More needs to be done to be sure these spaces remain available, at all times, for those in need. $1000 would be a good deterrent.

    While we are at it, let’s also raise the cell phone “talking while driving” violation to at least $500. The number of near accidents I see on a weekly basis is staggering. The present financial penalty is absurdly too low or you would have seen it have an effect. Amazing how many people could not care less of the consequences of holding a cell phone while driving!

  3. Keep the Change

    If these fines were paid and held by the town maybe we could balance our budget. So many of the traffic, parking and speeding fines end up with the state and so there is little incentive for the town to go after these problem people. At Starbucks downtown alone the idiots who park in the handicap and delivery spaces, their tickets could raise enough $$ to lower taxes and build all new schools !

  4. Problem seems to be that most of these violations take place in shopping areas — supermarkets for example. That’s usual private property, so who’s to enforce the law? You seldom see the P.D. cruising these areas. I really like the flat tire idea.

    • I too like the flat tire “penalty”.
      Will keep this in mind the next time I come across such a situation.


  5. Isn’t another equally troubling the issue, the issuance fraudulent handicap parking passes?

  6. Scare tactic?

  7. I always think it is very classy when people borrow their spouse’s permit to run errands in Santa Fe. I’m sure this never happens in Westport. They never really know what to say when confronted about their behavior. Sometimes they just lie right to your face.

  8. Spots should be open for people who really need it.
    As for the cell phone while driving…I have started taking the picture of people while they talk on there cell phone. When I have been questioned about it I just say its my own version of the mug shot for breaking the law. Just a bit odd when you see all the police dept talking on there cell phones while driving. I thought those cars had radios, computers, and walkie talkies to communicate with each other. Especially if it’s “Business Related”
    No talking on cell phones should be for everyone…hands free is about $10 these days!

  9. If drivers would be more considerate when they park, whether in lots or on the street, and not take up 1 1/2 spaces or park at wierd angles, there would be a lot more parking available for others. Designated disabled parking spaces should be respected and enforced as exactly what they are – for people with disability parking permits. It’s amazing how much sloppy and inconsiderate parking of cars there is around here. No wonder everyone bitches about there not being enough parking! The “piggy parking” drivers should really be ticketed for taking up more than one parking space and making it impossible for another driver to park next to them. There probably would be enough parking spaces if folks took the time to properly park their cars and big SUVs.