An Accident A Day?

Over the past few weeks, pedestrians have been hit crossing the Post Road near Shake Shack and in front of Playhouse Square.

A body was discovered on the I-95 Exit 18 entrance ramp.

And every day, it seems, there are automobile accidents everywhere in town.

This morning around 10:30, a westbound driver on the Post Road near Patagonia suddenly veered across the street, slamming into a car parked in front of Restoration Hardware.

In the words of Sgt. Phil Esterhaus:  “Be careful out there.”

26 responses to “An Accident A Day?

  1. Sure does keep you alert!

    Er, at least some of us!

    Safe driving everyone!

  2. Not surprising when and were a woman pedestrian gets charged with not yielding to a car and not visa versa. Be very careful !

    • So if your driving down the road and a pedestrian jumps out in front of your car you think it’s your fault? Brilliant Chip.

      • Longtime Westporter

        But it’s always been a principle of “defensive driving”. If you see a pedestrian on the side of the road, slow down in case they don’t notice you. AND have you seen how few people yield to pedestrians even when they’re in the crosswalk? (State law) Chip is right that a driver is supposed to have their vehicle under their control even when the unexpected happens!

        • I did not see where Chip wrote all that in his post. As I was saying, in the incident he referenced if your driving the speed limit on the Post Road and a pedestrian jumps out (not in a crosswalk) in front of your car I would hope your not at fault for the accident.

  3. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Dan your Hill Street Blues reference is awesome…. And of course all things Westport related the great Hill Street character Sgt. Mick Delko played by Bruce Weitz lived in Westport and wad born in Norwalk

  4. Crimes against decent driving in Fairfield County.

  5. I was just driving down the post rd from trader joes to stop and shop and was surprised at the number of people on the side of the road. A couple was walking right in the street. They were difficult to see in the dark. Walkers need to be more careful especially when people drive like maniacs.

    • For starters, pedestrians could stop wearing all dark clothes.

      • And business’s could make sure the sidewalks are cleared of snow, including access points, isn’t there a law of some kind?

        • What makes you think there are sidewalks on most of Post? Check out Google Streetview. Usually you can get around safely on the grass/hoping between parking lots, but when there is a lot of snow (and piles of snow from plows) that’s not possible. I don’t think many people realize that there are a lot of people who get around Westport on foot/bus/bike, and this becomes nearly impossible after a snowstorm.

      • For starters, joggers could stop hogging the narrow space.

  6. The Dude Abides

    Until drivers slow down, there will continue to be these accidents and fatalities. Since drivers won’t do it themselves, I guess it is up to the police??

  7. Bobbie Herman

    I’m surprised there aren’t more accidents. People drive like lunatics — running stop signs and red lights, playing “chicken” at four way stop signs, weaving in and out of traffic and generally disregarding the good manners they may have had before entering their cars. I once took a parking space that another woman wanted. When I returned to my car, my windshield wipers were bent back. Folks, would it be such a disaster it you got there five seconds later?

  8. Gwen Dwyer Lechnar

    Okay about all the reckless driving and so on, but, what? Oh, by the way, a BODY on the exit 18 ramp?! What was up with that?

  9. The one word the police and the legislature seem unable to concieve is pretty simple…enforcement.

    The legislature could make this a safer environment by just doubling or tripiling all motoring violation fines. Maybe increasing the percentage of fines dedicated to the issuing authority.

    How about a harsher structure for cell phone or texting at $300 or $500 for the first offence and $1,000.00 each, for continued violations.

    How about a jail term, “suspended” for serious infractions. Do it again, go directly to jail without the need for another trial. Simple? “You betcha”,
    Tax income and compliance features here? Years ago I suggested this to Governor Rell. Her response indicated she had forwarded my letter to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, a bully action on her part!

  10. yeah, what about that body at exit 18

  11. The Dude Abides

    Same behavior = Same results. They have been driving too fast and aggressively for decades here. Time to change the behavior and that will only come through tough enforcement.

    • I hope you are right about the consequences of “tough enforcement”, but then we have the death penalty in this state and it does not seem to stop murderers who are intent. On the other hand it does reduce the probability that a convicted murderer will murder again.

  12. Gwen Dwyer Lechnar

    Dan! Won’t you answer lisag and me about the body?!I’ll check again tomorrow. Thanks.

  13. Gwen Dwyer Lechnar

    Okay, so it seems to have been a hit-and-run and now I see how it ties in. Wretched shame. Thank you.