A Good Westport Yarn

What happens in Westport doesn’t always stay in Westport.

Alert “06880” reader Lisa Shufro sent these photos from downtown:

It’s not just Westport, though. If you Google “yarn bombs” — or check out BuzzFeed, as Lisa did — you’ll see it’s a global phenomenon. The Wall Street bull, city buses, a phone booth near Big Ben — all have been yarn bombed.

“I’m an avid knitter/crocheter, but unfortunately I can’t claim responsibility for these wonderful additions to Westport’s landscape,” Lisa says.

She’d love to know who is responsible — perhaps to trade tips, or simply congratulate her (or him) on a creative project.

As a public service, “06880” will pass along any information on Westport’s yarn bomber. Anonymity — if requested — is assured.

5 responses to “A Good Westport Yarn

  1. Lisa Marie Alter

    Move over Christo… I LOVE it !

    Great find, Lisa (Shufro) !

    And a much more beautiful & sensible expression than “planking” (have ya heard of THAT one ? Ridiculously stupid – and dangerous in some instances).

    Yarn Bombs: making the world a bit more colorful, one purl at a time…
    betcha a woman thought up this one. 😉

  2. Outstanding! I’ve read articles about yarn bombings all over the world. Nice to see it in our little corner.

  3. OK, basic question: how do the yarn bombers figure out the size that will be required to knit a piece that will go around a tree? And how do they attach it when it’s done (blanket stitch to hold it together snugly or ???). These are great looking!

  4. We had yarn bombers in West Cape May, NJ a few years ago. Our town looked really colorful in the dreary winter months. Our little creations brought many smiles and much enjoyment. I hope you get a few more…. And yes they crochet or knit pieces first and then stitch it onto the tree, pole…. no need for perfecting sizing this way.