The Y Has Already Moved

To a new logo, that is.

It’s part of the national Y’s “new brand strategy,” which includes the 1st updated logo in 43 years, and “a new focus on three core areas: youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.”


It replaces, of course:

Too much excitement for one day, I know.

But — for those who care about such things — here is the back story to this spectacular new step forward in logo designs. All quotes are guaranteed verbatim, from the Westport YMCA:

The Family Y has rolled out this new look in stages over the past several months, installing the new logo and signage throughout our historic home in downtown Westport. We’re in the process of updating our communications materials, team uniforms and business documents.

Says Family Y CEO Rob Reeves: “ As a local affiliate of the Y, the Westport Weston Family Y is excited about the new brand strategy and the opportunity to engage more people in the areas of healthy living, social responsibility and youth development. There are many exciting changes taking place at our own Family Y, and this new strategy is perfectly aligned with our ongoing efforts to build something that truly matters – a sustainable new home at our 32-acre Mahackeno Outdoor Center.”

The Y’s former logo had been in place since 1967, and was the organization’s 6th since its inception 160 years ago. The refreshed logo, with its multiple color options and new, contemporary look, better reflects the vibrancy of the Y and the diversity of the 10,000 communities it serves across the country.

So, “06880” readers: What do you think?

13 responses to “The Y Has Already Moved

  1. Unstable
    Yuck colors

  2. Elisabeth Keane

    Generic. It could be any Y, anywhere. Is this a corporate logo? There is nothing to indicate Westport/Weston. Another “local” emblem gone. They could not have run “Westport/Weston” up the right side instead of YMCA?

  3. Thanks, Dan, for the shout-out about the Family Y’s new look. (As an avid kayaker who enjoys paddling past that old shack on Mill Pond, love your new banner photo, too.)
    Elisabeth’s concerns are valid — we remain the “Westport Weston Family Y” but are proud to be a part of the larger Y mission that serves communities across the world. For those interested, here’s a link to the article that explains things further:
    We invite the public to visit the Family Y on Monday for our Open House to sample classes and activities free of charge — and to take a look around at our new logos and displays.
    “avid reader” and Family Y Communications Director

  4. Scott’s comments do echo Elizabeth’s thoughts: the logo states that the Westport/Weston Family Y is a proud part of the YMCA. In other words, the “C” in YMCA still stands for “Christian principles,” not for our our “community.”

  5. Is this another ploy to raise money?

  6. Wendy Crowther

    The original colors are timeless, the new colors are trendy. Trends fade, primary colors stick around. In my opinion, the colors chosen for the new logo are already yesterday’s trend. We may see a new update sooner than the 45 years it took to change to this one.

    Having worked for the YMCA for over a decade in the 1980’s, I know that the red triangle stood for the Y’s original focus: spirit, mind, body. The integration of these three principles was unique and well ahead of its time when the Y was first established.

    I’m a sucker for tradition, so I like the old logo better. However, the Y’s mission statement, though still somewhat spirit-mind-body oriented, probably DID need some re-tooling to reflect a more contemporary focus. The “social responsibility” angle broadens the mission’s reach beyond the core principles that were emphasized in the past. It’s a good move and a worthy cause.

    • Well said, Wendy. I’ll miss those solid corners and colors of the old one, though. (Clearcut reminders of those 80s 6:00 a.m. weight room workouts!)

      • Wendy Crowther

        Hi Jo! I fondly remember our 6:00 a.m. weight-lifting workouts. I hope you’re still pushing out the reps somewhere, somehow. I’m still at it, encouraging people to “give me one more.”

  7. This is really just too much. What’s wrong with the old logo. That charming Y with the red triangle has been around since I was a kid, and now they are taking it away from all of us. Just look at how big the “Y” is now: it’s totally out of proportion to the rest of the logo. Why does anyone need a “Y” that is so big. And don’t get me started on the rest of the design: it goes against all classic Greek design principles.

    I blame the greedy developers for all this.

  8. JD’s sentiments represent a lot of hostility created and still apparent regarding the move of the YMCA from downtown. I’m told that if money is not raised very soon that will qualify the Y for financing and breaking ground may rule out any possibility of meeting the exit date in December 2014. As a result of aforementioned alienation, many are not disappointed.

    • I was actually fairly neutral about the whole downtown vs Mahackeno issue since I haven’t used the Y in years; although I guess I would lean towards Mahackeno since it’s been decided. I was really poking fun of the people who hate change and in particular hate the newer homes around here (and by newer, I guess that would mean ones built after the mid-80’s).

      The 1967 to 2010 YMCA logo was dated. I personally like the 1897 to 1967 one:

      I’m not a big fan of the new 2010 logo, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it and eventually like it.

  9. The “the” is wrong relative to the “Y” , this logo does not read well and round corners are not definite.

  10. That new logo looks like ass.