Kyle Martino’s Cupcake Wars

Kyle Martino is everywhere.

Kyle Martino and Eva Amurri. (Photo: Jeff Vespa/Wire Images via ESPN Page 2)

The 1999 Staples graduate’s October wedding to actress Eva Amurri —  Susan Sarandon’s daughter — was covered by People Magazine (in a story written by, of all people, Kyle’s classmate Jen Garcia).

Last week, as an ESPN2 analyst covering the Major League Soccer college draft, the former national team player gave a shout-out to Staples soccer. He told a national TV audience how much he enjoyed the camaraderie with his teammates, and hearing the cheers of the large crowds on the Loeffler Field hill.

In between, Kyle served as a cupcake judge.

Last Sunday, the Food Network featured him in an episode of Cupcake Wars. (Never seen the show? Each week 4 of the country’s top bakers face off in  elimination challenges. The sweet prize: $10,000, and the opportunity to showcase their cupcakes at the winning gig.)

In Kyle’s episode, the winner took cupcakes to the Major League Soccer championship game in Los Angeles.

Kyle — one of the league’s most popular players during his career with the Columbus Crew and LA Galaxy (where his teammate was the even more popular David Beckham) — told ESPN Page 2:

I probably ate 5 entire cupcakes. Each cupcake was like a 3-course meal. Hey, if I had stayed off sweets, I probably would still be playing soccer.

I was blessed with a good metabolism. Younger, I was running 8 miles a day and still able to eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. But that was then. These days, I might be the only ex-professional athlete who gets winded going up the stairs.

3 responses to “Kyle Martino’s Cupcake Wars

  1. Dan, i saw this program and Kyle was excellent. The subjects discussed were concerned with High School, Club, Academy, and College soccer, all in path to professional soccer. There was a strong disconnect to high school soccer participation, until Kyle told of attending Bolatieri (sp) camp in Florida and returning for his senior year with family and friends “on the hill.”

    All in all a very compelling discussion that wrongly placed the competition of truely elite players against high school teams, rather than against the business of club soccer.

  2. I did my own, private cupcake contest in our area. The winner is The Cake Box in Ridgefield. It beat out Great Cakes, Crumbs, Cake Suite and the Georgetown Cake Shop.

  3. Richard Lawrence Stein

    It’s great that Kyle gave Westport, Staples Soccer, and The Hill its do respect, but sadly I think the majority of the readers are not completely aware of what the High School game of soccer is up against. (disclosure I am involved with the soccer teams at Staples). Football, Basketball, and Baseball do not have competition from outside influences of taking players from their teams. Soccer does! Young men are forced to make choices of playing for one of their high school, club, or other outside team. Not a combination just one! Luckily Staples has created a program that has much tradition, and that will help keep it a strong and vibrant team. When I was growing up it was Staples Soccer or nothing. Nothing is not a good choice but when it hurts the greater good I have question the integrity.