About Those Trees…

Wednesday’s “06880” was all about trees:  how they’re taking over Fairfield County, how they’re a hazard, what we can do about them.


Just 48 hours later, we’ve got 48-mile-an-hour winds (give or take a few gusts).

And this is the scene on the Merritt Parkway, south of Exit 41:

(Photo/Adam Stolpen)

Merritt is, of course, known for killer trees.

Hopefully this one took only a car. Not a life.

8 responses to “About Those Trees…

  1. On Sturges this afternoon another tree was split & half of it was laying across all the wires. Called CLP to report and they said they ‘can’t find Sturges Hgwy of Fairfield or Westport, in their system”, hmmmm.

  2. I was ten cars behind when this happened! Tree hit two cars and forrunately no one was hurt. My son delayed me by a few moments leaving the house… Now I’m grateful! We were stopped for about 30 minutes while they came to remove the trees and damaged cars.

  3. VETDOC at Compo

    While I admit C,L & P might not be the Edward Sissorhands of the aborist’s community, to the ignorant folks who call them butcher’s, how would you like to see your home under one of these mammoth trees?

    How would you like to lose power again for 5-10 days?

    Enough said!

    slow down on the weed, you’re not making any sense

  5. The Dude Abides

    Did I hear the word weed?

  6. I might have been the first person it hit. Left a dent in my roof, but otherwise everything was fine. I consider myself very lucky!

  7. what the picture did not capture was that as soon as the accident happened people piled out of their cars to make sure no one was injured and to help….they even assisted in lifting the tree off the vehicles and tried getting it out of the road. Good old New England involvement coing to the aid of others.