The Giving Tree

The Christmas tree in the Westport YMCA lobby does not look particularly imposing.

Pushed up against a wall, it’s average-size.  The silver decorations and twinkly lights are pretty basic.

But look closer, because this is a special tree.

Pinned to the branches are dozens of tags.  Each bears the wish of a local child whose family faces tough times.

“Girl, 15 years,” says one.  “Gift certificate to Marshall’s.”

“Boy, 6 years,” reads another.  “Mittens or gloves.”

And this simple request:  “Girl, 3 years.  Toy.”

To give a gift for any child on the tree, just bring it to the Y’s front desk by next Monday (December 12).

The Y has endured plenty of controversy recently.  But issues like leaving downtown and the adequacy of Mahackeno’s sewage systems pale in comparison to the simple holiday wishes of local kids in a time of need.

One response to “The Giving Tree

  1. katherine hooper

    this is so special. i’m going over to today! thx