Zexiao Lu Makes His Own Parking Garage

The information from the Westport Police was pretty straightforward:

At 6:34 last night 25-year-old Zexiao Lu of Bridgeport was driving his 2005 Mazda toward Fairfield on Post Road East in the inside lane, just past Athletic Shoe Factory.  A 2010 Honda was in the outside lane.

The operator — 42-year-old Daniella Stavreva-Zlatareva of Southport — made an unsafe change to the inside lane.  That caused Lu to lose control, cross all westbound lanes, crash through wooden fence, go airborne and come to rest inside one of the trailers at 1655 Post Road East.

Stavreva-Zlatareva was issued an infraction for an unsafe lane change.

Here’s my question:  How fast do you have to be going to fly through the air across 2 lanes of traffic and end up with your car all the way inside someone’s home?

I would say:  pretty damn fast.

10 responses to “Zexiao Lu Makes His Own Parking Garage

  1. My sentiments exactly. I think that maneuver is known as a “Chinese Hayride”.

  2. Faster than a speeding light.

  3. Faster than a riced out Honda Civic going through a school zone.

  4. Faster than a speeding bullet, CAS

  5. He hit the gas when the s**t hit the fan.

  6. OK folks … enough jokes … yet another Post Road accident. We seem to all agree that it is due to speed on Post Road. If anybody has constructive suggestions to stop this menace we all live with in Westport, say so. If not, enough useless comments just to be heard. It’s very serious when we take our lives in our hands when on Post Road as a pedestrian or driver.
    And, if you are really concerned you may use you actual names.

    • Anonyomous 176-876

      Constructive suggestions?? Slow the fuck down and have the cops enforce it!

    • And if you’s (sic) be really concerned, you could use proper grammar. Are you the new proctor of the blog, Steve?

  7. I think safety cameras would help. But apparently they are not permitted in CT because of `Big Brother’ concerns.
    And also the UNLIT pedestrian crossings on the Post Road are an invitation to disaster, every time. How many injuries/fatalities are there going to be before something sensible is done? (Illuminate the crossing would be a start).
    But perhaps the worst pedestrian crossing is the one between Trader Joe’s // CVS. I would rather drive that one rather than walk across with kids. It’s a death trap because of drivers who run the red light, especially coming down the hill. Put a camera there first…..

  8. Siobhan – Thank you.