The Day After

The voters have spoken.  At least, the 1 in 3 Westporters who turned out to cast ballots have.

The Planning and Zoning Commission has been overturned.  An unlikely cross-endorsement of 4 Republicans by Save Westport Now — which, according to Republican Town Committee chairman Bob Zappi is “99% Democratic”– resulted in the election of all 4 candidates:  Catherine Walsh, Chip Stephens, Al Gratrix and Jack Whittle.

The Board of Finance swings to Republican control too, with the addition of Mike Rea and John Pincavage, plus incumbent Tom Lasersohn.  Democrat Janis Collins is in, but incumbent Ken Wirfel is out.

The Board of Education remains in Democratic hands.  Democrat Michael Gordon joins incumbent Mark Mathias.  Also elected is Republican Jennifer Tooker; missing the cut is Jeanie Smith.

What does this all mean for Westport?  Click “Comments.”  Please keep all insights civil.  Try to stay on-topic, and avoid personal attacks.

We’re all still Westporters — and all in this together!

(Graphic courtesy of League of Women Voters)

29 responses to “The Day After

  1. While my “write-in” campaign lost by 90 points, I appreciated meeting, discussing and spending time with many of the town candidates of all three parties, and learning more about the depth of issues that have to be resolved. Congratulations to all of the winners.

  2. I thought the P and Z “4” did a great job marketing themselves as alternatives, but i would suggest that their real advantage came with the ballot form that said to “choose any 4 candidates”. This put the democtrat candidates at a huge disadvantage. Surf’s Up!

  3. Civil
    On topic
    Avoid personal attacks

    No wonder you only got 2 comments.

  4. seeing if I can post

  5. Congratulations to all candidates who were elected yesterday, to those who lost there is still much to contribute to the town of Westport, and there is the next election.
    joyce colburn

  6. Clearly the P&Z outcome was more a vote of confidence, not, for Chairman Ron Corwin as anything else. With these 4 in control, he’s out.

    Save Westport Now indeed saved Westport.

  7. The Save Westport Now votes accounted for a full one-third of the total votes won by the 4 Republican P&Z candidates. They could not have won en masse and unseated Mr. Corwin without the support of Save Westport Now and the likes of Sidney Kramer and Connie Greenfield, who have been beating the drum for preservation, conservation and responsible land use for over 30 years. I hope people remember this incredible turn of events, and keep faith that grass-roots groups and non-partisan efforts can make a very big difference in our lives and how our government works.

    I also hope our elected officials and party leaders will cease with the finger-pointing, back-stabbing and harsh political rhetoric that most folks are just sick to death of, and work together as a kind, respectful and united front – just as Democrats, Republicans and Independents work together within the Save Westport Now party – to honor the will of the people and make Westport a better place to live. There is, indeed, much work to be done.

    Hats off to Save Westport Now for saving Westport!

    • Hats off to you as well Amy ! 🙂

      Your contribution was significant, and…

      You were one of the most thoughtful, outspoken, non-partisan RTM Members over the years. You enjoyed taking a stand, and then speaking your piece in well reasoned manner. It was always a pleasure to watch you on TV and read your emails.

      Please run for higher office… you have much to contribute to Westport.

      Thanks for all your hard work and all the time it took to do a great job.


      • John McCarthy

        Your passion and dedication and preparation will be missed on the RTM. I enjoyed serving with you and hope to continue to see you work on the big, important issues facing our town,.


        • Glad 2BUN-Affiliated

          I “THIRD” the above, Amy…

          Kudos to you for “crossing party lines” to stand up for what you believe in
          (hey, I’m a party girl 🙂 but I DETEST partisanship !)

          It’s people like you (Matt Mandell too – as well as those brave Save Westport Now folks) who help to maintain the wonderful-ness of Westport: not afraid to stand up for what you believe in…

          What WE believe in.

          So Amy: Keep the Faith. We’ve got your back.

          PS. Shame on you, Jim Ezzes… whatta mealy-mouth, whine-y concession ! (WestportNow: “We’re disappointed,” said Jim Ezzes, chairman of the Democratic Town Committee. “I guess we’re kind of surprised that kind of negative campaigning with misinformation would bring about these results.”) Gimme a break.

          PPS. Word-up to both Parties: don’t ever, EVER assume you’ve got it
          “in the bag”… Westporters are simply WAY TOO SMART.

          PPPS. Hope that was not too “un-civil,” Dan 🙂

    • You will not be missed by us, your constituents.

      • John McCarthy

        Stay Classy Anonymous.

        • That’s what the secret ballot is all about

          • A blog comment is not a ballot. It is a public forum. Not identifying yourself in such a forum by your real name is a sign of cowardice.

            • Don’t waste your time, John. Mean spirited cowards always hide behind something. Amy has made lots of cowards unhappy.

            • Most blogs (like WestportNow) are moderated and have rules of behavior. If you have a complaint, take it to the blog owner. Until then, from one “Anonymous” to another, do it your way.

  8. David J. Loffredo

    The Town clearly needed new direction since both the P&Z and BOF seem to have lost their ways in the past months/years. Let’s see if the new majority with its new P&Z/BOF leadership can make the changes they promised and get Westport back on track. I view this election as a huge win for the all of us – not Republicans or Democrats – but for the educated and concerned tax payers who saw a problem and put party politics aside at least for a night to see if the “new blood” can put us on a better path.

  9. The Democrats who were displeased

    with the move of the Y from downtown,
    the zoning changes to “revitalize” downtown [why not keep the Y?] ,
    the Barons South give away,
    the Linxweiler House fiasco, and
    the financial unaccountability of the current administration (to name a few),

    made their opinions known at the polls yesterday.
    These Democrats wanted to stop the madness too and deserve our utmost politeness in our successful attempt at change.

    They can’t tell us their names, but they they are our neighbors and friends.

    Thanks Folks ! We needed ya.

    • John McCarthy

      Why can’t they tell us their names? I am a Democrat who voted for all 4 of the Save Westport Now candidates for P&Z. Was that so hard? Technology actually makes this quite easy……Anyone else?

  10. Many thanks, Tom, John and Glad. I was sorry to lose my seat on the RTM as I thoroughly enjoyed representing the people of my district and all Westporters over the past 4 years. I took it very seriously, and really considered it an my honor and priviledge to do so. The beauty of the RTM is that it is the only non-partisan legislative body in our town government, and we are only focused on doing the next right thing for the people of Westport. Politics and party affiliation are never discussed and never, ever practiced – and if someone tries to sneak them in, they are summarily silenced. The RTM is only about serving the people with no other agenda than to serve them well, and to protect the interests of everyone, regardless of their political stance. I wish more of our government, both locally and nationally, could be so non-partisan. As for me, I will definitely still be weighing in on the big, important issues, and will continue to advocate for people who aren’t being heard or fairly considered by our town’s government and controlling bodies. That’s always been the stuff I’m made of.

  11. Unclassy AnonRon?

  12. Maybe Ron Corwin now realizes he works for the people of Westport, not David Walldmen. Well done people of Westport, you have reclaimed your town. Now we can get back to the task at hand and look at everything with a subjective eye.

  13. Matthew Mandell

    Thanks for the nod, “Glad.”

    Amy you are great. I hope you continue to fight for what you believe in. You always work hard and did so long before you were on the RTM. I’m sure you will continue to. If any of you don’t know Amy was an intial organizer and dedicated and instrumental foot soldier in the succesful effort to save the Partrick Wetlands. It’s people like her who do make a difference.

  14. Thanks, Matt. You know I love ya. I will absolutely continue to beat the drum over the issues that are important to me – and will no doubt be right beside you on the front lines, just as we’ve been for the past 20 years! You don’t have to be an elected official to make a difference. You just have to pay attention to what’s going on, care about changing the system and doing what’s right for the town. If I’ve made some people unhappy with my positions and outspokenness, then good – I know I’ve done my job.

    • Amy – district 3 resident here.
      Thank you for your hard work… and being right on several key issues.
      Hope to see you back in action soon.

  15. Amy:
    I am also going to weigh in on the big issues such as Barons South which I believe to be a huge mistake and voted against it when it was being appealed to the full RTM. I am trying to find a group of people who are opposed to Barons South. I won’t go into the details on this blog but there are so many reasons not to go ahead with this project. Anyone interested can get involved, my email address is
    As a private citizen there is much to be accomplished and we can join other like minded people. I was hoping you would be able to continue on the RTM , however, there are so many vital issues that we can involved in and will be as busy as ever
    Joyce colburn