90.3 FM — News You Need, Now!

Whichever way you listen to radio — in a car, on your computer or through a plain ol’ battery-operated set — you should tune in to 90.3 FM.

WWPT — “Wrecker Radio” — is playing a continuous loop of a post-hurricane briefing by fire inspector Nate Gibbons.

Clearly, succinctly — but very comprehensively — he delivers a spectacular amount of information, advice and tips to all Westporters.

Well contamination, generator safety, how to ensure the electricity is turned back on in flood-damaged homes, clearing debris from private roads — it’s all there, to learn from and pass along.

WWPT-FM is the Staples High School radio station.  Right now, the fire department has commandeered its airwaves to pass along crucial, hard-to-find information.

At a time when “local radio” is almost non-existent, here’s one more reason to be thankful for what we’ve got.

One response to “90.3 FM — News You Need, Now!

  1. Larry Perlstein

    Hear hear! WWPT has a long history of supporting the town. I remember back in 1973-4 there was a major snowstorm that caused considerable damage. My dad figured out how to drive me to the school at 6AM so I could broadcast emergency information and closings. Sadly, we found out a while later that the antenna was frozen so our signal barely reached beyond North Ave. But we gave it a good shot!