Irene Claims 1st Westport Victim: Bogey’s

Thankfully, no Westporters died during Hurricane Irene.

But the storm did kill one longtime institution:  Bogey’s.

The low-lying, golf-themed “grille & tap room” at the corner of Main and Canal Streets — a favorite of casual diners for 17 years —  fell victim to floodwaters of the raging Saugatuck River.

A note on the door announced the closure.

“We had a great run and will miss all of you,” it said.

“Thank you very much for your patronage and loyalty over the years.”

As we clean up from Irene, we’re thankful every human being here is safe and sound.

But many of us mourn the loss of a good, comfortable restaurant that for nearly 2 decades served Westport as a steady, supportive friend.

20 responses to “Irene Claims 1st Westport Victim: Bogey’s

  1. What a shame! I can’t imagine driving by that corner and not seeing Bogey’s there anymore.

  2. Say it ain’t so…..

  3. I went into labor at Bogey’s, 12 hours later I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, every year on his birthday we tell the story of how I went into labor at Bogey’s, we will keep telling the story!

  4. Tracy Robinson

    My first job after college was at Oliver’s, which was there before Bogeys. Going back 27 years or so. Also, Dan, it is my understanding (maybe Im wrong) but that intersection supposedly was the original Main St. Westport “shoppiing district.” Care to research and elaborate????

  5. This is like reading the obit of a very dear friend. We haven’t lived in the area for years, but when one or both of us ever returned, no visit was complete w/o lunch or dinner at Bogey’s. We wish you, Jim, and all of your wonderful staff the best luck. Thank you for giving so many years of super meals and service.

    Gary & Bunni Singer

  6. The best Cobb salad in the area.

  7. Sad to see a local business fall, but let’s be honest–Bogey’s served really crappy food. probably some of the worst in town

  8. I liked the private room upstairs. Lousy service though.

  9. Very sad to hear this. We had my father’s post-funeral reception at Bogey’s. He enjoyed eating there and I had some good meals with him there after my mother departed in 2001. Definitely tragic. Sorry to hear that SAM didn’t like the food. Maybe not spectacular but usually solid, IMO.

  10. It is sad to see Bogey’s leave. I trust that someone will jump on this opportunity to leave their mark on Westport. However, if the Connelly’s site on Post Road is any indication of how fast new restaurants replace failed restaurants, I’ll have to find a new place for my “Arnold Palmer and Stella”

  11. On the outside, Bogey’s does not appear to have suffered any storm damage. Cellar perhaps? Or were the owners just ready to fold up their tent and this was the crowning blow? I’ve been going there since it was ‘Crossroads’ in the 70s. It will be missed by me and a whole bunch of my friends.

  12. Richard Blaine

    I thought the food was swell and any dame that walked into that gin joint was always treated like a lady. My usual was the Gary Player with a Sam Adams, and I would tell the waiter “Player again…Sam” and I would get it fast, the service was okay by me. I will miss Bogey’s, maybe not today or tomorrow but someday and for the rest of my life

  13. This is so sad. It’s our go-to restaurant when we want a good salad, mussels marinara, a real burger, and great sandwiches and entrees. We have shared New Years Eve at Bogey’s with our neighbors and friends for years and we named our nine-year old dog, Charlie Bogey after our favorite restaurant. Connelly’s is gone, Derosa’s, Cobb’s Mill, now Bogey’s. We’re now looking for a nice place for soup, salads, pasta, sandwiches, burgers, fish. ribs, veal, chicken and meat entrees at reasonable prices. Chefs, if you relocate, let us know. In the meantime I’ll get my burgers at the Black Duck. Quack, or Marios.

  14. Good news, Amy. Cobbs Mill Inn was just bought by Westport icon Drew Friedman, who plans to keep it as a restaurant. Now, there’s something to look forward to.

  15. Best Cobb salad in town. Terrific staff and great service.

  16. If your looking for a Cobb Salad replacement…Dunville’s is the place to go! Their food is a cut above, and many people don’t even think to walk through the doors…their Cobb Salad is my favorite and I think the best in town! Hopefully someone will buy Bogey’s and improve the foundation that has been built..while the food was OK..and service was OK..I like the atmosphere the most

  17. Perhaps Dave Derossa can re-deploy at the Bogeys location? A boy can dream . . .

  18. Any news about the houses on Woods Grove Rd where I lived many, many years ago?

  19. During the early and mid 1950’s Bogey’s was a tea room with wooden floors and a juke box. The doors and front steps were where the picture window is on the front of the window. It was very quiet. They served tea, sodas and cookies. It was a frequent hangout for Marilyn Monroe when she was living in Weston. She would sit, unnoticed in a corner reading a book. We lived close to that part of town and my Mother would take us there for a soda and cookies. My Brother and I were more interested in the cookies and reading comic books than checking out the locals…..

  20. Bogey’s always was a comfortable, convenient spot. Sending a fond farewell and thanks to the crew there.