Carl Swanson’s Bulldog

Carl Addison Swanson’s name pops up often on “06880.”  He’s a frequent commenter, and occasional guest author.

His name also appears on books.  His latest novel — Sorry Don’t Pay the Bulldog — has just been released, to very good reviews.

The book is the 12th in Swanson’s Hush McCormick series.  The novels feature a boat bum who helps people disappear.  Swanson — a graduate of Staples, and Rice University’s creative writing program — was inspired by Alex Kelly, the Darien teenagers who fled to Europe after being convicted of date rape.

“I’ve always been fascinated by people who just disappear into thin air,” Swanson says.

“Would you put your home up as bond to keep your kid out of jail?” he asks.  Kelly’s parents allegedly supported him financially during his 7-year escape.

Sorry is available at, Barnes&, and on Kindle.


11 responses to “Carl Swanson’s Bulldog

  1. Kudos to my Staples ’66 classmate and pal CAS — and to Hush. Great story hook.

  2. Bill Christopher

    Wonderful title. Growing up in the south, I heard it all the time from my father. When I said, I am “sorry” to either parents, they would hit me with sorry don’t pay the bulldog.

  3. Carl also wrote “Fat People Are Harder to Kidnap, which is being made into a movie. It is a laugh a minute if you haven’t read it.

  4. Fat… was great. Gonna get Sorry on my nook. Couldn’t find the earlier books anywhere.

  5. Carl is one of the real good guys in Westport. Nice to see him doing so well.

  6. Isn’t that a boxer and not a bulldog? Sorry.

  7. katherine hooper

    just looked on the WPL website and couldn’t find either Sorry Don’t… or Fat People Are Harder to Kidnap. surprising since swanson’s a local author.

  8. Grinning like a mule eating briars.

  9. WPL will order today!

  10. katherine hooper

    thanks maxine!

  11. katherine hooper

    thanks maxine!
    and not to be pushy but can you order Crazy Girls too? (see Dan’s next blog entry)