Shack Shakes Westport

It was billed as a “VIP Party” the night before Shake Shack officially opens in Westport.

But the place was jammed like the hottest New York club.  The only person not there last night, I thought, was the fire marshal.

Then I saw him too.

Westport Shake Shack general manager Dave Yearwood surveys the happy scene.

After a squintillion tries, the restaurant building on the Southport line — across the street from the old Toys R Us — finally has a winner.

When Shake Shack opens its doors this morning to the 3 non-VIPs who were not there last night, all of Westport will have a new favorite place.

There are realistically priced burgers made from great beef.

Hot dogs.  Crispy fries.  Milkshakes.  Custard.

And — the killer app — beer and wine.

It’s a family place — like Five Guys — but occasionally Mom and Pop want a (non-soda) pop with their burgers.

Who doesn't like burgers? Not these kids!

Wood (recycled from bowling alleys); flat-screen TVs; an airy, open and lively layout — all create a “Shack meets Westport” vibe.

Shake Shack CEO David Swinghamer and Danny Meyer Himself were there.  Both were clearly — and genuinely — excited about the location, the staff, the energy, the potential, and the community.

Meyer’s original vision for Shake Shack was a “roadside burger stand.”  But roadsides are hard to come by in New York City.

So — with its 13th location — Westport becomes the 1st suburban Shake Shack.

There have been at least 13 restaurants on this site.  This one is here to stay.

5 responses to “Shack Shakes Westport

  1. With all of us VIP’s in town, how did they limit the guest list to 300?

  2. Wendy Crowther

    Who can name some or all of the restaurants that have passed through that location?

  3. The first was Longchamps’ Steak and Brew in 1969 or ’70; I worked there for that first summer.

  4. I fondly remember dancing and cocktailing away at East Coast!!! I may have been a wee bit under the age limit at the time, but I won’t tell if you don’t! ;))

  5. Beefsteak Charlies for many years in the early – mid 70’s.
    Asian Experience in the mid 90’s.