Geiger’s To Grow Apartments?

Several weeks ago, I heard a rumor that Geiger’s was the next site for a Saugatuck-style commercial/apartment development.

I called the garden center, across the Post Road from Green’s Farms Elementary School.  I asked about the plans.

A spokeswoman seemed surprised.  Nothing of the sort was contemplated, she said.

Yesterday’s Westport News reports that tonight, the Planning and  Zoning Commission discusses exactly that idea.

I blew it.  My bad.

Next time use News of the World investigative techniques to get the story right.

4 responses to “Geiger’s To Grow Apartments?

  1. Dennis Jackson '64

    What’s this “Geiger’s” business? That’s Parsell’s Garden Mart!

  2. mary ruggiero

    Lawyer Weisman – the developers’ friend, represents the yet undisclosed party.

  3. I hope you’re not going to tolerate not getting the truth when you asked for it.

  4. Wendy Crowther

    Dennis, you’re right! Geiger’s took over the Parsell’s Garden Mart location years ago.

    My big concern is the old barn in the back portion of the business. The barn is very old. ANY barn is a unique site in town these days. This one is especially great because it has survived the commercialization of the Post Road. I love its size and shape, and I love how it practically sits on top of Morningside Dr. North. There are ceiling joists inside the barn that are hand hewn. According to Ed Audley, a Westport old-timer whose memory I tapped for some historic Westport info many years ago, portions of the barn’s structural members were grown at and harvested from what is now Winslow Park. I would bet that the developer has no plans to preserve the barn. That will be a huge loss to me. I’m hoping there’s a way to save it or move it.

    I’ll also miss being able to look at each season’s inventory of flowers, shrubs and trees. They make me smile as I sit at the traffic light on my way to work and back. A mixed-use building…ho hum.

    The Parsells go back a long way in town. Increase Parsell was a seaman and a farmer. He owned a house and land off of Maple Lane. In fact, a street off of Maple is now called Increase La. in homage to him. I think Allan Parsell (of Parsell’s Garden Mart) was a son or grandson.

    More bye byes in Westport. Sigh.