Happy 1st Of July Fireworks!

Always ahead of the curve, Westport celebrated the 4th of July with early fireworks last night. 

It was a Friday.  The sky was deep blue; the temperature was perfect.  The sunset was gorgeous.

This is why we live in Westport.

The calm before the storm. Except there was no storm -- only gorgeous weather and festive crowds.

Okay, it wasn't all perfect. There was plenty of "saving spots" -- despite regulations against the practice.

Parks and Rec director Stuart McCarthy earned his pay, collecting tickets at the entrance to Compo. Most drivers -- like this one -- were in a festive mood. Some had attitudes. Westport has its share of Very Special People.

The light and colors were fantastic yesterday. This is my iPhone camera; imagine what a real photographer could have captured.

Compo Beach was like an Arab souk yesterday. Everything 4th of July-related was for sale -- with proceeds going to the PAL.

Back in the day, a 4th of July picnic meant sandwiches in a hamper. Now everyone feasts on international cuisine. Hot dogs, anyone?

Ned Batlin and Serenety Dobson -- 2 of the many police officers, EMTs and other personnel keeping the crowds safe.

Soundview Drive is one place to be for the fireworks. The woman on the balcony is conducting a fife and drum corps, which entertained along the closed-to-traffic road.

Old-time Westporters -- and a young police officer -- enjoy the evening.

A sparkler, a glowing necklace, a beach and fireworks -- it doesn't get any better for a kid.

Special treat:  For The Heart — Westport’s great group of young, community-minded singers — gave a great concert by the cannons.  Click the video below to watch them perform “Life is a Highway.”

20 responses to “Happy 1st Of July Fireworks!

  1. Dan,
    The pictures are great!! Better than most professional photographers.

  2. Fred Cantor

    Great pics!

  3. Thanks for sharing the joy…This really is Westport at its best: special moments shared with the people around you who matter to you….which last night was the entire town. Thousands of Westporters and their guests and I did not hear a single harsh or unkind word from anyone.

    Happy Birthday America!

  4. The Dude Abides

    Super pictures. Thanks. Made me feel like I was there (of which I am still glad I wasn’t). Happy 235th USA!!!!

    • dude i’m with you on that one. check out the rude behavior toward the end on WNP tnite. Woodrow call would not have tolerated this!

      • The Dude Abides

        I am told Burying Hill is the place to go. Great view and only
        300 or so. However, I maintain that I went in ’58 and still would
        be trying to get home if my father had not been driving like a maniac.
        His stills toned by the “Amazing Race” every weekday night after he
        arrived home on the 6:38 p.m. train from NYC and the race to be first
        out of Saugatuck train station began. It was very much like the Indy
        500 with commuters jumping from train cars to make it to theirs and be first out. I awaited his arrival with the Corvair idling and ready for liftoff.

        • My dad was always the last one off the 6:38 train, with our RTM member and old pal Jack Folsom. I waited for them near Luciano Field in my Morris Minor. Sometimes there was a stop at the Arrow to say hello to Frank Nistico who was tending bar there. Sometimes it was a very long stop. No rush to exit the fireworks either. What was the point? We were going to have to sit in crawling traffic for an hour for the mile drive home to Saugatuck. By high school it was easier and faster to walk.

  5. If the music is too loud Dude, you are too old!

  6. Well done, Dan! Although photo #2 disappoints me

  7. Joshua Simon

    Yeah #2 is disturbing but not surprising. Fat and possessive country.

  8. Caption for Photo #3

    Driver: Whaddya mean I can’t go kayaking??

    Stuart: Sorry, pal, I’m just doin’ my job

  9. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Isn’t it possible but the gathering of people in the back of pic 2 are the people who seats Are empty… Got to get the grub when the bell rings

    • Fred Cantor

      Richard, I saw similar “land grabs”–or perhaps “sand grabs” would be more appropriate–around 10:30 in the morning. There were groups of empty beach chairs and picnic blankets set up with no one around. It was similar to what I had witnessed on the grounds of the Levitt the afternoon of Beatlemania, when I stopped by after stepping out of the library and the performers were rehearsing. Some people simply operate by a different set of rules.

      • Richard Lawrence Stein

        Sadly Fred I was trying to be hopeful… But many people don’t read thIs blog or the kindness doctrine of civility… We live in a me and I society…. To bad as we celebrate this country of possibilities it has turned in to what’s in it for me

      • Yes, at Beatlemania, there was a “lady” who would not let a couple sit. She said she was saving space for over 20 people coming.
        The beach was the same–tables, chairs, blankets set up from early morning. It is pretty much the same on weekend mornings where the picnic tables are.

    • Ted Hunter

      It would appear that there was a lot of grub to be had during and before the fireworks.

  10. chi-chi manning

    I was just remembering the joy of july 4th when we were kids. Sitting on the “other” side of Compo, the feel of the booms in my chest, skin dry w/ salt and yes the traffic – which was nothing compared to today.

  11. That’s it! I am definitely going back to Westport to see the fireworks next year…I miss it TOO MUCH. Tho, where does one “former townie, now out of statie” park their car outside of Compo these days?

    Those kids were great…Staples kids were/are the best!!!

  12. and man those singers are great…..there is no shortage of talent in this town!