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Happy 1st Of July Fireworks!

Always ahead of the curve, Westport celebrated the 4th of July with early fireworks last night. 

It was a Friday.  The sky was deep blue; the temperature was perfect.  The sunset was gorgeous.

This is why we live in Westport.

The calm before the storm. Except there was no storm -- only gorgeous weather and festive crowds.

Okay, it wasn't all perfect. There was plenty of "saving spots" -- despite regulations against the practice.

Parks and Rec director Stuart McCarthy earned his pay, collecting tickets at the entrance to Compo. Most drivers -- like this one -- were in a festive mood. Some had attitudes. Westport has its share of Very Special People.

The light and colors were fantastic yesterday. This is my iPhone camera; imagine what a real photographer could have captured.

Compo Beach was like an Arab souk yesterday. Everything 4th of July-related was for sale -- with proceeds going to the PAL.

Back in the day, a 4th of July picnic meant sandwiches in a hamper. Now everyone feasts on international cuisine. Hot dogs, anyone?

Ned Batlin and Serenety Dobson -- 2 of the many police officers, EMTs and other personnel keeping the crowds safe.

Soundview Drive is one place to be for the fireworks. The woman on the balcony is conducting a fife and drum corps, which entertained along the closed-to-traffic road.

Old-time Westporters -- and a young police officer -- enjoy the evening.

A sparkler, a glowing necklace, a beach and fireworks -- it doesn't get any better for a kid.

Special treat:  For The Heart — Westport’s great group of young, community-minded singers — gave a great concert by the cannons.  Click the video below to watch them perform “Life is a Highway.”