Peace, Love And Fiona

Lynn U. Miller is an excellent photographer.  She’s got a particularly good eye for signs.

The other day near the beach she saw this:

And not far away, this:

Lynn has no idea who made them, or who put them there.

But, she notes, they look suspiciously like the “Fiona” sign at the end of Soundview Drive that’s delighted (and puzzled) beachgoers for several years:

In the end it’s probably better that the sign painter remains a mystery.

It could be any one of us.  Meanwhile, we can all enjoy the artwork.

And the message.

8 responses to “Peace, Love And Fiona

  1. I would have to agree… that Lynn is an excellent photographer, and that the signs do look as if they’re from the same artiste.

  2. They beat the hell out of the damn advertising signs all over town. Stuck in the ground to rot. Nice shots. Thanks.

  3. Who came up with the name “Fiona’s Disappearing Island”?

    It was called “Treasure Island” back in the day when I went to the Compo Beach Day Camp and we would adventure out to “Treasure Island” and look for treasure (sea shells, etc.)

  4. Who’s Fiona?

  5. Julie Fiona Roberts.

  6. Fiona Ryder

  7. We need more of this!