Making Hay With Pies

When God gave Michele Albano lemons, she made lemon lime pies.

Also apple pies, cherry pies, and caramel pecan chocolate pies.

In anticipation of large Memorial Day crowds passing by — and thronging into — her new downtown Michele’s Pies store, the owner baked plenty of extra goods.

But a brief storm canceled the annual parade.  Suddenly, what looked like great foresight turned into a glut of perishable inventory.

The solution:  give it away.

So — with the grace and generosity of someone who’s been here years, not just a few weeks — Michele donated several dozen pies to the Gillespie Center, the community kitchen just over the hill from Michele’s Pies.

The Gillespie Center benefits from the generosity of countless Westport families — and businesses — each year.  Michele’s donation is one of many.  All are gratefully accepted.

But few have the “lemons” back story of hers.

3 responses to “Making Hay With Pies

  1. I’m not surprised, Dan. Michele is not only a world-class pie maker–or at least a nationally recognized one–but a wonderfully generous human being to boot. So glad you’re calling attention to her latest gesture.

  2. Adam Stolpen

    Not only are the pies fall-off-your-diet good, but the people who work there are exceedingly sweet too.

    Last week an older neighbor of mine was crossing the Post Road…literally running to avoid traffic though in her mid 80s, and she fell cutting her leg. Of course the drivers did not stop, but the people at Michele’s pies came out to help, giving her their first aid kit and offering to drive her to the hospital (was not needed once the blood was stopped at the cut).

    They make a GREAT product, and are community involved. Is Westport regaining its soul?

  3. Maggie Mudd

    Let me say, I am not a pie person. Well, not until now. Have you tried Michelle’s strawberry rhubarb pie? Ambrosia!