Casting Call

Indie filmmaker (and Staples alum) (and NYU Tisch film school graduate) Jared Frank shoots “Kingswood” in Westport from June 1 to 3.  The film — about the housing crisis, teen angst and the crumbling of the American dream — should be great, despite the bleak theme.

If you’ve always wanted your kid — or your house — to be in the movies, or simply wanted to help out, now’s your chance.  Jared needs:

  • High school extras (or people under the age of 22 who can pass as high schoolers) to hang out in the garage during a half-day of filming.  “Casually alternative-looking boys” go to the front of the line.
  • A large barn or garage to shoot in for one day.  Ideally, it opens directly onto a cul de sac or large driveway.
  • A modest house (one-floor ranch home, for example).  This is needed for an exterior shot only ; it will take 30 minutes or so, and the crew won’t set foot inside.
  • A high school boy’s bedroom — something with posters hanging on the wall.  This is also for 1 shot only (30 mintues).
  • A large pantry/liquor closet/wine cellar.
  • A hand-me-down beater car big enough to shoot in comfortably.  A sunroof is a plus.  In a perfect world it would be a rusty, damaged early ’90s Jeep Cherokee.
  • Vintage folding beach chairs.
  • Beat-up old lamps.

In terms of crew, Jared is looking for production assistants (no experience necessary), makeup and hair people, a still photographer, and someone to help with craft services.

Also needed:  housing for the cast and crew (a guest house or extra bedrooms).

Interested?  Email

2 responses to “Casting Call

  1. im intrested in the joining the crew, hair and make up wise 🙂

  2. Ben Padlin

    have 94 toyota landcruiser