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Somewhere Over Compo’s Rainbow

Jared Frank sends this stunning photo to “06880”:

Compo rainbow by Jared Frank

He says:

I believe it’s the most beautiful photograph I’ve ever taken in Westport.

The beach had been packed just 10 minutes before, with Sunday bathers taking in the sun. Out of the blue, lifeguards announced that everyone needed to get out of the water. Within 10 minutes raindrops fell, and cars snaked their way past the guardhouse.

The lifeguards and seagulls began cleaning up what was left.

Then — like a gift to those who’d braved the drops — the sun, and with it a spectacular rainbow, came out.

The man in white in front of me began snapping pictures.  And I realized that if I positioned him in line with the shadow of the bathhouse I might have something special.

Jared had just 1 request: that the photo credit read “Jared Frank, now living in Los Angeles, but a Westporter always.”

Casting Call

Indie filmmaker (and Staples alum) (and NYU Tisch film school graduate) Jared Frank shoots “Kingswood” in Westport from June 1 to 3.  The film — about the housing crisis, teen angst and the crumbling of the American dream — should be great, despite the bleak theme.

If you’ve always wanted your kid — or your house — to be in the movies, or simply wanted to help out, now’s your chance.  Jared needs:

  • High school extras (or people under the age of 22 who can pass as high schoolers) to hang out in the garage during a half-day of filming.  “Casually alternative-looking boys” go to the front of the line.
  • A large barn or garage to shoot in for one day.  Ideally, it opens directly onto a cul de sac or large driveway.
  • A modest house (one-floor ranch home, for example).  This is needed for an exterior shot only ; it will take 30 minutes or so, and the crew won’t set foot inside.
  • A high school boy’s bedroom — something with posters hanging on the wall.  This is also for 1 shot only (30 mintues).
  • A large pantry/liquor closet/wine cellar.
  • A hand-me-down beater car big enough to shoot in comfortably.  A sunroof is a plus.  In a perfect world it would be a rusty, damaged early ’90s Jeep Cherokee.
  • Vintage folding beach chairs.
  • Beat-up old lamps.

In terms of crew, Jared is looking for production assistants (no experience necessary), makeup and hair people, a still photographer, and someone to help with craft services.

Also needed:  housing for the cast and crew (a guest house or extra bedrooms).

Interested?  Email Jared@topsydesign.com.