Shannon Walsh Is Pregnant — Updated With Video Clip

Shannon Walsh graduated from Staples last year.  In her long career with the Players drama troupe, she entertained audiences with her versatility and talent, in shows ranging from “Grease” and “Guys and Dolls” to “Rent.”

Shannon Walsh and John Quinones. You can hardly tell she's pregnant.

Now she’s pregnant.

It may be her best role yet.

It’s certainly her biggest.  🙂

Shannon was hired to play a pregnant teenager on ABC News’s “What Would You Do?”  That’s the reality show that uses actors and hidden cameras to create intriguing moral dilemmas — then captures people’s (often tortured) reactions.

It’s sort of an ethics version of “Candid Camera,” with parents berating their gay son in public, or store clerks racially profiling a patron, rather than the ol’ bowling-ball-that-can’t-knock-down-pins knee-slappers of yore.

But back to Shannon — who, I should emphasize to all you tsk-tsk-ing readers, is not really pregnant.

Her work is entirely improv — there’s no script at all.  She filmed it in a Westchester diner with host John Quinones, and other adult actors.  She’s featured in 2 segments of the show:  this Friday (May 6), and next (May 13).  Air time for both is 9 p.m.

She’s “with child” in both episodes, but the scenarios are different.

In one, Shannon decides at the last minute that she does not want to give her baby to the adoptive parents she has promised her child to.

In the other, she promises her child to 2 different couples — for pay.  She meets them consecutively in the diner, and bystanders overhear her talking with both.

Shannon currently attends New York University.  She can also be seen in a small role in Wes Craven’s horror film “My Soul to Take.”  Shannon has spent much of her freshman year auditioning for professional work in the city.

These days, sleeping with the casting director won’t get a young actress a job.

But being pregnant sure will.

(Update — click here for the clip of the May 6 episode, about 17 minutes in.)

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