“Steps” For The New Y

A model of the new Y has sat in the old Y lobby for months.

The new YMCA -- well, a model of it.

But next Tuesday (May 10, 4 p.m.), Y officials take a step forward with the launch of their “Building What Matters” capital campaign.  A public presentation is set for the front steps of the oldest part of the downtown Y:  the Bedford steps.

First selectman Gordon Joseloff; civic leaders Bill Mitchell, Sam Gault and Robin Tauck, and Y board members will speak.

Cake and refreshments will be served inside.

And then the Y will get down to the serious business of raising funds for the new 102,000-square foot facility at Mahackeno.  They hope to leave downtown by late 2014.

An artist's rendering of the new Y.

10 responses to ““Steps” For The New Y

  1. Plans set, date of leaving. Now they talk money?? Ass backwards.

    • Just Meyer

      Not really. What would have been the point of raising money without approval for the new Y and some idea of the use to which the money would be put?

      • They had approval but litigation was holding up the process. They set the termination of the lease date and architectual plans. Wouldn’t it have been prudent to set up a line of credit before taking the inital steps? Now if they can’t get funding, they have wasted time/effort. And from what I hear, it is questionable on the bucks.

      • Exactly.

  2. What if they don’t raise the money needed? Is the new Y dead?

    • No.

      • The Dude Abides

        Why do you say that, Wrecker?? No money, no YMCA construction and I believe the lease downtown has only one option of extension.

  3. David Abrams

    Darn – awful close to the river. Wonder about additional run off. But then, I’m not much of a fan of leaving down town.

    • I would think that has been addressed by the Conservation Commission David.


  4. Bobbie Herman

    I just wonder how much dues wil be increased.