Westport Home Energy Challenge Update

The good news:  The Westport Home Energy Challenge — the program through which homeowners get a complete assessment, plus freebies like replacement shower heads and 25 incandescent bulbs — is a roaring success.

The bad news:  The assessment co-pay for oil-heated homes — currently $75 — will rise soon.

The good news:  Anyone who schedules a visit right now — even if it’s conducted a couple of months from now — still pays just $75.

Just contact Stephanie Weiner of New England Smart Energy Group ASAP:   877-824-8448

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2 responses to “Westport Home Energy Challenge Update

  1. This should be a”must” for all homeowners.

    We did this a month ago. The changes in our energy consumption through the finding of air leaks and stopping same will have a very short payback and the substitution of flourescent bulbs (including those that can be dimmed) will save a lot of kilowatts at 17 sents each. Just four of these replaced more than 420 watts with less than 60 watts in our kitchen.

    Stopping the air leaks, above, will help save during winter heating and summer air-conditi0ning. Rebates are available should some appliance’s performance suggest newer replacements.

    Where else can on get six or more man-hours of attention for $75.00?
    The rest is up to the home owner.

  2. Be careful when you click on links for the energy audit. We got to one for JUST lighting and it took a few emails to figure out that (1) it didn’t cost $75, (2) gave only 15 bulbs and no caulking and energy analysis and help, (3) didn’t give $25 donation to a local charity and (4) wasn’t at all like the comprehensive energy audit that Dan described a couple of weeks ago.

    Finally got it all straightened out (lighting audit canceled) and have the full energy audit scheduled for tomorrow (which INCLUDES a lighting analysis and 25 bulbs).