Rich Rollins Update

Former Staples swimming and diving team member Dan Vener reports:

Rich Rollins

I’ve been in touch with Rich’s sister Ann.  I asked her to recommend a charity that would have been significant to Rich, and I also directed her to this blog.  Her response was:

The blog comments are amazing. Rich had no special charity. That said, he always bought presents for Salvation Army kids at Christmas and gave money to the Red Cross.

She went on to tell the following tales of her brother, which I’m sure will bring a smile to all:

He just did an adult ed class on “what makes a good barroom brawl”; finished his first half marathon a month ago.  At my husband’s wake a couple of years ago he introduced himself to people as the bus driver (there was no bus), and signed the visitors register as Alice Cooper.

Lastly, at my insistence, she provided her address:

Ann Rollins
2280 Van Buren St
Eugene, OR 97405

6 responses to “Rich Rollins Update

  1. Lucy Kiermaier

    While I was never ever in any of Mr. Rollin’s classes or on the swim team, everytime I ran into him, he always remembered my name. He had a way of making those of us who were shy or unsure feel as if we were the most important person on earth. He will be missed. Mr. Rollins was a true Westport icon. I am forever different because of his presence. I wish his family the best. I thank you for all that you did…for all of us.

  2. chris weissman

    I had the honor to have Rich for a math teacher at Long Lots as well as a swim coach at Staples. Rich was a huge Michigan football fan and used to quiz his students on the game after every win and if they lost he would have a test on Monday (including challenges like – write the Greek Alphabet backwards). Thankfully Michigan had a good team that year (Rick Leach & Rob Lytle in the backfield) and they only lost once but I became a Michigan football fan because of it.

  3. chris weissman

    Another Rich Rollis story:

    Rich lived in small house on Easton Road and had a huge beer can collection that took up the walls in at least two rooms.

    At 14 I took a trip to London for a swim meet and decided I would find Rich some beer cans for his collection. I went and walked along the train tracks looking for cans, slipped and fell and lost my passport leaving me alone in London with no form of identification. It took me three days and 4 trips to the Embassy to get a new passport to travel home.

  4. Rich Roberts

    Rich Rollins first year as a Staples swim coach was my senior year (’72). He walked into a difficult situation, as the previous coach was well liked and had gone on to the collegiate level, plus we had just graduated a very strong ’71 class of swimmers. Rich won us all over immediately and kept it all in perspective. We had fun together that year and there was a lot of individual successes and growth. It’s good to hear that his career as a coach and teacher in Westport was long and successful. Thanks Rich!

  5. Rich was a wonderful teacher with a great sense of humor. He will be missed by so many students and colleagues.