Tyler Hicks: In The Thick Of The Fight

The disappearance of Tyler Hicks and Lynsey Addario in Libya has focused world-wide attention on the plight — and the photos — of the New York Times photographers, who graduated from Staples 3 years apart.

Tyler Hicks

Working in war zones is nothing new to either of the Pulitzer Prize winners.  But last Wednesday — in an interview that is both chilling and insightful — Tyler talked about the special challenges of Libya.

“One unusual thing is the access we have to frontline fighting,” he told the Times “Lens” blog. 

“Despite what a lot of people think, when you go to a war zone, there are a lot of formalities and difficulties to reach the fighting.  You can get into a country but to get to where the conflict is happening can be very difficult.  This is a very rare situation: complete access to a war, from the opposition side.”

Tyler added:  “You never are relaxed and you never have a moment to feel at ease when you’re out working.”

And, he said: “I’m constantly moving around.  Occasionally, you run into people who speak English.  In general, they’re really supportive.  Even out in the middle of the fighting, someone will hand you a box of juice or a bottle of water.  They might ask your name or where you’re from.

“Some ask who I work for.  They’re saying, ‘Get down’ or ‘Move to another place for your own safety.’  So they’re doing what they can to be helpful out there, even under those circumstances. ”

(Click here to read the entire interview.)

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