Ring Around The Beach

“06880” reader Betsy Phillips recently lost her engagement ring.  She thinks it was someplace near Compo Beach or Elvira’s.

She knows that in light of recent posts — missing photographers in Libya, deadly disasters in Japan, pedestrians being killed in Westport — this might seem “kind of silly.”

This is not Betsy Phillips' engagement ring. It's gold, however, and I found it using Google images.

But, Betsy adds, “06880” attracts “wonderful, impassioned readers.”  She believes in karma, doing good deeds, and the power of positive thinking.  And of course the value of an engagement ring — measured in sentiment far more than dollars — is substantial.

The ring is gold, with a gray-greenish center stone diamond.  If you find it — or know someone who did —  please contact Betsy directly:  betsydesigns@hotmail.com.

And let “06880” know too, so we can pass on at least a bit of good news in these difficult days.

8 responses to “Ring Around The Beach

  1. The Dude Abides

    hmmmm . . . let me see. Somewhere between Elvira’s and Compo. Oh, that ought to be easy. Let me get my Geiger counter out of storage. Could this be an omen??

  2. The Mobile Staton in Saugatuck has a sign up found Wedding Ring
    Good luck !

  3. There is also a sign up by Blockbuster advertising a ring found.

  4. Blockbuster in Westport?? Thanks y’all for all of the help– my sign– i think–??– is that i need to slow down and be thankful for what I have!

  5. Please give us an update, Betsy. We’re sending good thoughts for it to be found.

  6. Thanks everyone! Im ((feeling the love!)) but not finding the ring!……..Im still looking, a lot! But, everyone has been great helping and with suggestions– I appreciate all the kind letters and thoughts. Xoxo! Betsy

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