Deadly Roads, Part II

This morning’s Post Road post propelled an “06880” reader to pass along a personal perspective.

Earlier this winter, the reader contacted an RTM member regarding a school bus stop sign that seemed useless.  The RTM rep contacted police chief Al Fiore, who sent an officer to investigate.  The conclusion was that the sign ensured safety.

A picture is worth a thousand accidents.

Because the police department seemed interested, the reader followed up with several other safety concerns about the Post Road.  The cops referred the reader to the Connecticut Department of Transportation, which oversees US 1.  It took a while to find the right bureaucrats.

Once discovered — they’re Joseph P. Ouellette, transportation supervising engineer, Bureau of Engineering and Construction, and Ernest Lajoga (a transportation engineer) — the reader wrote with these concerns:

Motorists turn left onto the Post Road from both Route 136 (Compo Road) approaches despite red lights.  Is there enough green time to “move the queue”?

There is not enough time for pedestrians to cross the Post Road between Compo Shopping Center (CVS) and Compo Acres (Trader Joe’s).  Could there be an exclusive “walk” time when lights on all 4 sides are red?

Ditto the crosswalks at Taylor Place (Tiffany) and Parker Harding Plaza (Starbucks).  Could those have exclusive “walk” phases too?

DOT officials contacted Westport officials:  “First Selectman, Public Works, Police Department” in January.  Ouellette emailed the “06880” reader this response:  “The Town was not in favor of revising the pedestrian treatment at the shopping center signal at this time.  Also, the Police Department did not feel that there is a problem with left-turns from Rte 136 onto Rte 1.”

Ouellette continued:  “The Department relies on input from town officials because they have more local knowledge of traffic concerns that (sic) we do.  I realize that the issues you describe are important to you.  I suggest that you contact Public Safety Officer John Parisi (203-341-6000) at the Westport Police Department if you want to pursue further.  If the town agrees with your concerns, we will investigate.”

“06880” will keep you “posted.”

19 responses to “Deadly Roads, Part II

  1. The Dude Abides

    Thank you Dan and the interested reader for such input. Let us not forget Buckley at the Post Road by Stop & Shop as well. A person was recently killed there and I was almost hit by a Mercedes that just blew the stop light. Seems to be a serious cluster&*^% going on and with little change or response from the police department. Probably too busy shining up that Hummer or talking to each other behind Willowbrook Cemetary.

  2. Good work, Dan & readers.
    Need your help up here in Northampton.

  3. So, it appears the Westport Police Department is not interested in very reasonable improvements to pedestrian safety on the post road. Does the First Selectman agree? He’s the boss, right?

  4. The Dude Abides

    My lady brought up a good point in relation to Dick Alley’s intuitive
    comment on another article. The police here usually lived here back when.
    Many were umpires at the PAL leagues and you got to know each other quite well, sometimes for the good. Other times, not so. But they certainly knew and cared about the town. I doubt now if many live here. And it used to be the Chief of Police HAD to live here. Wonder if that is still true???

  5. Am I missing something?
    First all parties mentioned are there to serve the public..
    So said public party asked the Town of Westport for help
    The Town deferred to the State of CT cause it is important
    The State of CT pinged the town of Westport to see if the request was legit
    The Town said no
    The State says sorry go to the Town of Westport if it is important
    The original public party concerned is stuck in a classical “CF”
    And so it goes, the circle game… and God rest the next Post Rd accident victim

  6. There are plenty of locals on the Westport Police force. Not sure it matters. I once played golf with a Westport Firefighter. He absolutely loved his job, loved the town, and said “one great thing is everyone likes us in town… unlike like the cops.”

    Dude, loved the DWP comment on the other post – anyone ever get a racial breakdown of traffic stops in town? I bet it dramatically differs from the town’s racial “mix.”

    • The Dude Abides

      Yeah, if Herb Kemp (see related article) were still around, he could tell some stories about being stopped in his Mercedes by Westport’s finest. DWB.

  7. Has anyone bothered to see how long (or actually how short) the light is in front of Restoration Hardware…where we’ve already had a death of a pedestrian? My daughter and I tried crossing there last night. The button was pushed and it took a full 5 minutes for the light to go red for on coming traffic. Then when we started to cross it changed before we, and the other pedestrians crossing, had managed to get safely across.

    It’s time to get the complacent bureaucrats in this town off there duffs and doing their jobs to server and protect Westporters…or get the guys in change out and responsible people in there!

    • Concern for the welfare of the citizens of Westport has been replaced with the petty self-interests of a political class that operates in a manner worthy of the ward healers and political bosses of corrupt American cities.

  8. I live on Evergreen Avenue. People speed down there all the time.
    It is a narrow road. The police are the worse violators too. We tried
    to get speed bumps. The town said no. Fire exit. Well Old Hill is
    a fire lane too. I guess the police don’t use that road to get back to their station.

  9. MadAsHellAndNotGonnaTakeItAnyMore

    The level of arrogance and consummate disregard for the citizens of Westport by town employees warrants a total reassessment of how the government of this town functions. It’s worth noting that when an organization or state fails, it is the leadership that is the root cause……A fish stinks from the head down.

    • It not just town employees who exhibit the attitude you deplore here in the People’s Republic of Joseloff. The employees take their cues from the political class. The concern for the well being of the average citizen diminishes with the length of the tenure of elected officials. We had an opportunity to clean house in November, we chose to stay with the current regime. We must like it very much.

  10. The Dude Abides

    And fish and visitors stink after three (3) days. Give ’em hell MAHANGTIAM. But what you gonna do?

  11. Concerns about the “political class” are just silly. Just because the repubs have not been able to field a viable candidate in this town in decades, the dissatisfied right in this town think we’re living in the Soviet Union. If I remember correctly the dems wanted to cut the school budget and the repubs said no. Party affiliation in this town is not based on any ideology – it’s more tribal/clubby than that. So, yes this is a political issue – the 1st Selectman should act, but it is not a dem/repub/political class issue, and to suggest so is ridiculous.

    • No one mentioned party affiliation but you. The current leader of the political class was on record as telling mere citizens that the time for debating his grandiose plans for downtown had passed and any further comments were unwelcome. BTW the last time I checked, there was no “right” in this town, only left and more left.

  12. How could you not love Mr. Conflict of Interest Joseloff? He’s the 1st Selectman, editor/publisher of the most read news vehicle in town, a volunteer firefighter who sought out/colluded on sweetheart double dipping deals for his bosses on the force (and the Police Chief), and last but certainly not least a downtown commercial property owner (owning property mere blocks from the condos he so dearly wants to build).

    • Joseloff liked the pension deal he gave town employees so much, the tried to get one for himself; until he thought better of it. Some things are too unseemly even for the political class.

  13. Stacey Margoth

    I am not sure why the state is leaving it up to the town of Westport? The Post Road is their responsibility and with three deaths in two years, I don’t think they should yield to Barney Fife and his recruits who obviously are clueless.